A guide to passing finals

Mitchell Sparks | Staff Writer So.. you are sitting in the media center, scrambling through old notes packets trying to gather as much information as you can before your final because the teacher didn’t provide a study guide. Nervousness, petrification and fear are the emotions flowing through your […]

Prom preparation underway for students

Cameron Petty|Staff Videographer Jessica Richardson|Staff Writer   Prom is this weekend and some students may be stressed in planning their weekend of fun. To alleviate some of this, we’ve put together a tip list of last-minute ideas. Places to Get Pictures: Since prom is already downtown, there are […]

Speech classes learn proper etiquette

Brianna Stewart-Allen and Mara Bastin |Staff Writers On April 26, English teacher Karen Gerhart hosted a lunch for her speech classes to teach interpersonal communication through handshakes, social media etiquette, introduction etiquette and dining etiquette. “I think it’s important to not act like an animal at the table. […]

Grant Patterson | Clubs Editor There is no talking here. This is not a test or exam. Today, April 27, is the GLSEN’s (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network’s) annual Day of Silence. It is a day where several students have sworn to not say a word to […]

The dangers of vaping

CG Pubs has a special team that has been investigating vaping at Center Grove. Whether or not it is dangerous, and whether or not it is a problem.   Out of 70 times that we checked random bathrooms during the school day, we found 37 instances of students […]

Opinion: Assault Rifle Ban

*These opinions do not reflect those of Center Grove High School, the CGHS Administration, or CG Publications.* Mara Bastin | Staff Writer Graham Kanwit | Contributor 49 mass shootings, 98 deaths, 168 injuries, 2 months, and only in the United States. Out of every country in the world, […]