Minion Friday

By: Caitlyn Ebert

Photo by: Jessica Kelly

Tonight CG Student Council is hosting a movie night where students can eat at food trucks, then head to the auditorium to watch the movie “Minions.”

This is the third year of hosting this completely free event. Donations are accepted. A donation table will be set up in the Hall of Excellence. All proceeds will go to Riley Hospital. The food trucks will be open from 5 until 7 p.m., and then the movie will start.

The tradition began with former student Casey Henderson, who heard of other schools doing similar events while she was at the National Student Conference over the summer. Now seniors Lauren Ralph and Ansley George have taken the reins.

“This is sort of a fundraiser, but it is more of a community event,” said Student Council sponsor Lindsay Hardin. “There is a good mix of teenagers and families that come to this event.”

Food trucks will set up in the teacher parking lot. Students should park in the student parking lot behind the food trucks. The food trucks are encouraged to give at least 20% of their proceeds to Riley Hospital for Children, and all community donations also go to Riley.

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