AP Language and Composition students learn about Pop Culture

Dylan Godsave & Victoria Sykes| Website Editors

Over the last week, students in AP Language and Composition have been learning about pop culture. They recently started a project using their AP scoring guide to rank topics in pop culture that pertain to anything from Broadway shows to school lunches.

“This project gives us a way to show our own personalities and interests,” Donnie Conrad ‘20 said. “Our topic is open to our interpretation but sticks to the guidelines of our pop culture studies.”

English teacher David Lawson gave students the opportunity to express their likes and dislikes as they chose their own topics and used posters to apply their knowledge throughout the project.

“Our group’s topic is Broadway musicals, and we chose musicals since we were all familiar with them,” Ben Johnson ‘20 said. “We judged the rankings on the acting, plot, and soundtracks of each musical, and also there is the hidden factor of how well the show went according to the public.”

Students believed they learned valuable knowledge that helped them better grasp pop culture and apply it to their AP scoring guide.

“We’re applying our AP knowledge to this project by making sure that when we rate our foods, we’re using a AP style grading rubric and kind of using the format of what someone would use to grade an essay,” Shreya Parikh ‘20 said.

During the remainder of the semester, students in AP Language and Composition will work to learn how pop culture affects society and how society is perceived because of it. This class pushes students to excel in critical thinking and writing.

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