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Roach’s Rhythm

Most of us listen to a song and are amazed by the vocals, the smooth guitar, the beating drums or the powerful lyrics.  Few of us take the time and think about everything that had to be put into that song, the person behind the scenes who puts […]

Tears for Paris

An event causing great suffering, destruction and distress;  this is the official definition of the word tragedy, and recently, the nightmare haunting the people of Paris.   At 9:20 p.m. November 13, the first explosions went off at Stade de France, a stadium where France was playing Germany […]

Pacers Preview

The times are changing for our beloved blue and gold. Some familiar faces have been lost but some fresh ones have been gained. Defensive anchor of 7 years Roy Hibbert has been lost to the Los Angeles Lakers and emotional leader David West left for the San Antonio […]