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Will Boston

Primary Elections Today

  It is an exciting year for high school seniors across the state of Indiana. They finally have become adults and will have their voices heard in today’s primary election. “Wow. Time has flown by. It is crazy to think that we are already adults, and get to […]

Growing Pains

This past July a new driving statute was passed by the Indiana Government. It allowed drivers to obtain their license at 16 and 3 months instead of the previous 16 and 6 months. “I was so happy that they changed the law, waiting to get my license was […]

Fall Break Trip

On Sunday Oct. 11 a group of 25 students packed the busses and headed up to Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, Mich. to do volunteer work around the camp. This fall break trip has been going on for nine years, and it is led by Spanish teacher Adam […]

A Sadie Hawkins Homecoming

Homecoming 2015 will be unlike any other in the school’s history. There will be great times and unforgettable experiences of course, but this year, the ladies must ask the gentlemen to the dance. “I didn’t realize how hard it was to get the courage to ask someone,” Senior […]