Trump Tackles Indy

By Bryce Brown and Jackson Williams

“It was full of proud American people.”

This is the first thing that sprang to the mind of senior Sam Meier, who attended last Tuesday’s Donald J. Trump rally. Love him or hate him, Trump is a polarizing American figure. Many Center Grove students attended the rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, each viewing it through the lens of their political stance.  Some opinions were positive, some were negative, but all were entertained.

“I have never been a big fan of Trump, but he knows how to get his views across,” senior Ross Williams said.

This seemed like the overall perception of the rally. Some may not have been big supporters, but they were all excited and impressed by the way Trump conveyed his message. Most students had never been to a rally and this was their first experience with a political event.

“I have never been to anything like this before, so the Trump Rally was surprising to me because it was different from how it has been portrayed on television,” senior Steve Bagwell said. “The atmosphere was warm and welcoming.”

Bagwell went on to say, “The best part of my experience was when Trump explained his political agenda. He has good ideas that the media won’t expose. When you hear him speak in person you realize how much the media sound-bytes him.”

However, it isn’t American politics without a counter-view. Senior Blake Williamson, a Bernie Sanders supporter, had a different view on the rally.

“I went because I wanted to protest what he was preaching,” Williamson said. “Trump stands for things that are damaging to society. He is hateful and he needs to be stopped.”

Rachel Brada, a senior, also weighed in on the rally.

“As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I was happy to see the non-violent protesters state their opinions.”

Trump inspires opinions, positive or negative, for everyone who listens to him. The rally packed the state fairgrounds. Trump has sparked interest in the political process, some would say just to stop him from getting the nomination. However, it is safe to say that young people with passion for the political process is a step in the right direction for America.


Recapping the Oscars

This year’s Academy Awards was a brilliant spectacle that entertained most and surprised some. With big winners like “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “The Revenant,” it seemed as though movies made a big comeback. I recently wrote an article on “Oscar Predictions,” and it seemed as though most of them came true.

The hot topic over this year’s show was Leonardo DiCaprio finally capturing that elusive Oscar. He played a left-for-dead fur trapper in the hit movie “The Revenant.” I predicted that he would win this award, not by necessarily having the best performance, but by it finally being his time to shine. After four previous nominations, it seemed as though it was a one person race. With Leo being my favorite actor, it was fantastic that he rose victorious.

Prediction: Leonardo DiCaprio – Correct

The Best Picture award seemed to be overshadowed by the Best Actor award, but that does not take anything away from the deserved winner: “Spotlight.” This film about the Boston Globe’s uncovering of the Catholic Church’s cover-up was my pick to win the award. The way the film described how journalism works is masterful. The viewer can feel the tension throughout this whole movie as journalists try to uncover the truth about the Catholic Church’s cover-up of priests molesting children. “Spotlight” beat out close contenders like “The Big Short,” “The Martian,” and “The Revenant,” to receive the night’s biggest honors.

Prediction: “Spotlight” – Correct

Best Director honors went to the 52-year-old, Mexican filmmaker, Alejandro G. Iñárritu. This was the first time since the early 1940’s that a director has won this award two years in a row. Last year, “Birdman” won the director this award as well as Best Picture. This award was essentially a two man race: Iñárritu and George Miller. Miller, the 70-year-old director of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” was vying for his first Best Director Oscar. I seemed to have taken a ride on the “hype train” because I predicted Miller to snatch the crown. However, history was in favor of Iñárritu as he became only the second Mexican director to win the award.

Prediction: George Miller – Incorrect

Although Miller did not win the award, his film still took home six Oscars, becoming the night’s big winner. With awards ranging from sound editing to makeup, “Mad Max: Fury Road” was the biggest surprise of the night. I would have to say the biggest loser was “The Martian.” With seven nominations, it was believed that the film would take home at least one Oscar. This was not the case, however, as the film was shutout.

This year’s Academy Awards was a resurgence in film. Surprises throughout the night kept viewers on pins and needles, and Chris Rock, the host, showed no mercy while attacking the lack of diversity in the nominations. It was a beautiful night to showcase the films that made 2015 special.

Bryce Brown’s Grammy Predictions

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards are coming to CBS this President’s Day. With the star-studded cast and beautifully crafted albums, 2015 was the year for music.


Artists from all genres are nominated this year for Best New Artist. Radio hits have come from the likes of Meghan Trainor (“All About That Bass”) and Sam Hunt (“House Party”), but artists like Courtney Barnett and James Bay, who may not have those hits, will still look to steal the award. Even with all the fantastic nominees, I give the small edge to Sam Hunt. He has redefined the country music genre, and his style of music is undeniably creative.


Predicted Winner: Sam Hunt


Song of the Year is always a fan-favorite category for the Grammy’s. This year’s songs include: “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar, “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. It is great to see diversity in music with songs from Country to Rap being nominated. All of these songs received significant radio play, and each was a great song. This category is honestly a toss-up, but I have a feeling that the most overplayed song will receive the award. “See You Again” was the year’s most popular song, and that is what usually wins.


Predicted Winner: “See You Again”


The big one is Album of the Year. Albums that have dominated the charts, such as “1989” and “To Pimp a Butterfly,” are nominated, as well as under-the-radar albums like “Traveller” and “Sound & Color.” The full list includes: “1989” by Taylor Swift, “To Pimp a Butterfly” by Kendrick Lamar, “Traveller” by Chris Stapleton, “Beauty Behind the Madness” by The Weeknd and “Sound & Color” by Alabama Shakes. Pop albums, Country albums, Alternative albums and Rap albums have all been nominated. Everyone thinks that their favorite album should win, so I will do the same. This award should go to Kendrick Lamar’s album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” It is time for a Rap album to finally win this coveted award.


Predicted Winner: “To Pimp a Butterfly”


The Grammy’s, along with the Oscar’s, is the most popular and most anticipated award show that America has to offer. Star-studded performances from nominees and edge-of-your-seat tension leading up to awards are always a thrill to behold. If you are a fan of music, or just a fan of watching award shows, be sure to tune in on Sunday, February 15 at 8pm.  

Bryce Brown’s Oscar Predictions

*Disclaimer: I do not have enough knowledge about Best Actress, so I will not address it*

The wait is almost over. Oscar season is rapidly approaching, and the nominees could not be better. Movies such as “The Martian,” “The Big Short,” and even “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” are itching to steal the show with multiple wins. The nominated cast is stellar as well with fan-favorite Leonardo DiCaprio leading the charge for Best Actor. The 88th Academy Awards is projected to be a spectacular experience.

Let’s start off with the big one: Best Picture. The films nominated in this category are: “Brooklyn,” “Room,” “The Big Short, Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Spotlight,” “The Revenant,” “The Martian,” and “Bridge of Spies.” I have personally seen all but “Room” and “Brooklyn,” and I believe that this is the best lineup of films in recent memory. From the innovativeness of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” to the sheer spectacle of “The Revenant,” you’d be hard-pressed to find better films.

Predicted Winner: “Spotlight” – This is a film about journalists at The Boston Globe who uncovered the despicable acts of many Catholic priests against kids. The film shows the journalists’ fight against the power of the Catholic church and their will to push forward and uncover the truth.

The Academy has come under fire the past few weeks for having no minority actors nominated. To some, it was a shame that Will Smith and O’Shea Jackson, Jr. were not nominated. Still, amidst all the controversy, the nominated cast is talented. Leonardo DiCaprio is searching for his first Oscar win after four previous nominations, while Michael Fassbender and Eddie Redmayne are looking to spoil the party. This is sure to be a tight race.

Predicted Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in “The Revenant.”

None of these brilliant films would be possible if it wasn’t for the directors behind the camera. There is only one previously nominated director in the category: Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Everyone else is a newcomer, but should not be treated as such. George Miller has made classics such as “Happy Feet” and “Babe,” and Tom McCarthy has written a nominated screenplay for “Up.” It is pretty much a toss-up in this category.

Predicted Winner: George Miller for his direction in “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

With many other interesting categories, this year’s Academy Awards is shaping up to be one of the best in years. The Oscars will air on Sunday, February 28. If you would enjoy viewing these movies before the ceremony, the Keystone Art Cinema by Keystone at the Crossing will have the nominated movies available leading up to the awards. After you have watched the movies, be sure to do your homework early so you can tune in with millions of other movie-lovers.

Sam Meier

“Progress.” That’s what has been made these past few months since the season ended in heartbreaking fashion last year. Sam Meier, a senior on the Boys Basketball team, is determined and hungry to get back out on the court.
“Of course we were disappointed in the way the season ended last year,” Sam said, “But I know we have the team to bounce back this year.”
Sam is the oldest on the team and uses that to lend wisdom to the younger players. He is one of the senior captains and takes his job as a mentor seriously.
“Everyone on the team has their roles and each has an important job to do. My job is to come in and bring energy, leadership, and 3-point shooting.”
This isn’t Sam’s first rodeo on the basketball court, either. Playing since he was in 2nd grade, he has garnered a love for the game. Everyday, he goes out on the court and pours his heart out on every play.
“I always play each game like it could be my last,” Sam continued,”It’s said all the time, but it’s true. Never leave anything out on the court.”

With enthusiasm ravaging through this hungry team, and a senior leader who is itching to get back on the court, this season is shaping up to be a great one. The team worked very hard this offseason, practicing at 6 a.m. two days a week, and is ready to make a statement this season.

“We know how hard we worked this offseason,” Sam said. “Now we just have to go out and prove it to everyone.”

The beginning of the season is approaching rapidly. Make sure to come out and support your Trojans as they open up the season on December 4th against New Palestine.


Machine Gun Kelly: General Admission Review

Straight flames. This is what can be heard on the newest release from the Cleveland rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. He has stepped it up after his last album by creating a true masterpiece.

General Admission” shows the rapper’s growth and maturity and takes the listener on an emotional journey. His thoughtful lyrics are so majestic that James Joyce could place them in his poem and you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference. Oh yeah, he also makes bangers.

His lead single, “Till I Die,” is a beast of a song that has a thumping bass and a great beat. MGK has mastered the art of making bangers. With past songs such as “Wild Boy” and “Breaking News,” he continues to have an acute ear for musical art.

The first third of the album is art, pure and simple. It has beats that make you want to go out and trash some buildings and lyrics that make you want to write the sequel to the Harry Potter series. I found myself having the first third on repeat.

The middle of the album starts to slow down with songs like “Everyday” and “Gone.” One can only take so many bangers; pump-up songs don’t fit every mood. These are the songs that people can relax to, in a sense. I loved to sit on my couch, eat chips and watch “Orange is the New Black” while listening to this part of the album.

Alas, the finale came. I’ve heard some good endings to albums before but none that take you on such an emotional rollercoaster. I found myself contemplating life and its meaning. MGK’s stories were heartfelt and I was glad he could share his life with us.

All in all, the album is a virtuoso of music making and deserves a Grammy nomination. If you are a fan of Hip-Hop/Rap, or just want to experience a great album by an up-and-coming artist, this is surely the tape for you. With prom approaching in the spring, there is nothing better to liven up a dance than some MGK. Everyone should listen to his music because it has meaning, thoughtfulness, and above all, bangers.