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Indy’s Addiction

You are strung out bad. There’s a gnawing at your gut that tells you how severe it is. You need something to take this razor blade edge off. You get in the car and start heading to your hookup, who’s always been pretty trustworthy. The parking lot where […]

Consider the Cat

Halloween is this Saturday and students are frantically rushing to compile a costume that would solidify their position in either social or competitive victory amongst their peers. Department store marathons are a common experience in last minute attempts to create the perfect outfit that will utterly floor their […]

The Summer Exchange

The Indiana Honors Program in Foreign Languages (IUHPFL) is an opportunity to travel to other foreign countries to experience, first hand, the culture and language. Although the program offers trips to Austria, Chile, and China, the two most popular sites for Center Grove students are Spain and France. […]