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Ashlynn Hart

This is my second year as a member of CG Publications. I am a staff writer for the Trojaneer, the yearbook and our website. I am also staff photographer and I make videos for CGTV. In my free time, you can find me in hiking, listening to weird music that makes people question my sanity, or maybe hanging out watching Bob's Burgers. I hope to pursue a career in photo journalism and one day work for National Geographic as a traveling photographer. However if that does not happen, then I will own lots of wiener dogs and dedicate all my time to them.

Global Campus

As many students have been working on their schedules for next year, they may have realized that there is an elective they want to take, but they’re required to take the core classes needed to graduate. Or maybe they want some more credits to boost their GPA. There […]

Sweet Shoppe Changes

UPDATE 02/03/15: The video story has been inserted into the post. Original story follows. Many students have found changes at the Sweet Shoppe, the discontinuation of candy and ice cream bars. Jon Zwitt, athletic director and supervisor of the Sweet Shoppe, clarified the issue saying that the school […]