Fall Athletic Awards Night

Created by: Alex Armstrong

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Fall Athletic Awards Night

All-Conference Athletes:

Shelby Schier, Hannah Wilson, Val Clark, Kelli Hippenmeyer, Emily Jansen, Emma Jones, Ella Thompson, Macy Carrabine, Madison Hammill, Ellen LeMasters, J.T. Hodges, Adam Russell, Dan Root, Bailey Bennett, Clay Hadley, Nick Davis, Russ Yeast, Logan Bontrager, Trevor Hohlt, Connor Campbell, Ben DeRose and John Nystrom.

Bleacher Bust

The boys junior varsity soccer game against Perry Meridian had a rough start from the beginning.


Originally the game was supposed to be at 5:30 p.m., but got pushed back to 7:15 so the Varsity team could be guaranteed to finish their game before it got dark. It was also held on the “back-up” soccer field, as the normal field was wet.


The athletes didn’t let any of this affect them though and CG won 1-0. It was the parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents who fell into more misfortune.



The middle support of the bleachers falls off the wood under it.

At half time during the game, many spectators got up to go to the concession stands and bathrooms. Kimberly Cooley, Karen Cooley, Julia Perry, John Head and Loretta Head stayed on the top row of a set of bleachers when they started to tip and fall.


“[I was] sitting right here,” Karen said, tapping the bleacher. “On the top row. It was just like someone had lifted your body up and you were going back all of a sudden. I felt [the bleacher] come up and I thought ‘we’re going over.’”



Much of the back of the bleachers are still off the ground after everyone moved to the safety of the middle bleachers.

Luckily, they did not “go over,” as Karen’s husband, and boys varsity soccer team member Jacob Cooley’s grandfather, Rick Cooley had just gotten up and was standing behind them.


“If [Rick] hadn’t have been back there, we would’ve gone over,” Kimberly said. “Our heads and back would’ve gone to the pavement.”


The whole event happened fast. Most of those on the bleachers hadn’t even processed what was happening until after Rick stopped the descent. At that point they all moved to the middle row.


All of the supports of the bleachers are shifted off their foundation.

“You know what, I didn’t even think,” Karen said. “[It was] just like you’re here one minute, and you know it just started…I didn’t even have time to think about it. Because normally, [with] bleachers, you don’t have to worry about stuff like that.”


The other spectators at the event did not realize what was happening until even after those on the bleachers did. Not much noise was made before the people sitting on top realized the danger they were in.


“I heard the water bottle fall off the back, and I heard the metal and the ground, and that was all I heard,” Lauren Cooley, who was not on the bleachers at the time, said.


No one was hurt and everyone was able to walk home, celebrating the soccer game victory but not forgetting the half time experience.


“It was scary, I mean, we were going down,” Kimberly said.

Cruz Cruises Through Greenwood

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza was packed to its limit capacity last night. People were waiting outside the doors so that when people came out, more people could go in. As amazing as Jockamo’s pizza is, most people were not there to satisfy their hunger.


Senator Ted Cruz visited Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza last night on his campaign trail. He did not make a speech, but instead spoke individually to many people and shook hands.


Senator Ted Cruz shakes hands and talks to people at Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza.

“We’re gonna repeal every word of Obamacare,” Cruz said to a resounding cheer.


For voters, it was a good opportunity to get to know someone they may be voting for. Two teachers were told a story about one of Cruz’ rolemodels, his fifth grade teacher.


Senator Ted Cruz shakes hands and talks to people at Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza.

“I’m here [at Jockamo’s] because I wanted to come out and see who I’ll be voting for in the primary election,” senior Christina Randall said.


Not everyone there considered Cruz a favorite. But this year such campaign stops may make a bigger difference.


By the time the Indiana primary rolls around, there is usually a decided Republican and Democratic candidate for the primaries. This year, however, the Hoosier vote counts and many, like Randall, are taking advantage of the candidates’ interests in our state to figure out who they are going to vote for.

A crowd surrounds Cruz to try and get pictures and get pictures and meet the Senator.

A crowd surrounds Cruz to try and get pictures and meet the Senator.


“I haven’t finalized my voting choice, but I admire Ted Cruz as a candidate,” Randall said. “I wanted to come out and meet him in person.”


Since it was a smaller setting than the Johnson County Fairgrounds Cruz visited later yesterday, many people were able to get really close to the Senator. Randall was able to even get a picture.

Ted Cruz and Christina Randall pose for a picture. Photo provided by: Christina Randall

Ted Cruz and Christina Randall pose for a picture. Photo provided by: Christina Randall


“It was awesome, the first thing he did was ask me my name, which was really cool,” she said. “I said that I looked forward to seeing what stances he took on different policies and he said that he looked forward to working together.”


Tonight Hillary Clinton will be campaigning at the Munster Steel Company and the AM General Plant as Bill Clinton campaigns for her at her campaign office in Indianapolis. Bernie Sanders will be campaigning at Purdue University on Wednesday and at Indiana University later that same day. The primary is May 3.