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Michael Lawson is taking his his first year in CG Publications to a whole new level. Michael, known as mike or lawson on staff, has been a go-getter photographer for the yearbook, and a CGTV staff member. He can be found in the library studying with friends, or with his father/teacher discussing grades. Michael plans to be a marine biologist or oceanographer, but is also looking into a communications major at University of Indianapolis.

East/West Gym Closed for Safety Concerns

Until last last week, students enjoyed the luxury of sitting and socializing in the gyms before school started in the morning. But since last week, the gym has been closed. Students must either stay in the cafeteria or a classroom. The main reason for this decision has been […]

Preventing the Flu

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States is experiencing “elevated levels” of flu cases this year. As with any flu season, it is important for one to wash their hands and be aware of sneezing or coughing away from others. School nurse, […]