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By: Madey Jacks and Jessica Richardson Construction in the southeast parking lot, or “back lot” as it is commonly referred called, took up eighty parking spots this morning. The cranes that are occupying the spots are being used to remove light poles which will enable the construction of […]

Burn, Baby Burn!

By: Jessica Richardson and Madey Jacks Students in the Human Body Systems class went beyond a Keynote to gain hands-on experience today. In a lab for treating and understanding burns, students used makeup, gelatin, dirt and tissues to replicate burns. After they had given their victims a burn, […]

Democratic Destruction

O’ brother where art thou? For I know you are tossed within the ranks. I believe I’ve heard your wails. Yes! Come forward! Sprint! Faster now! For they’re on your heels. They shall not stop- forge on! Golden heart, unmatched by those of gild- Rise up soon, for […]