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Katie Mayse

Katie Mayse is a Junior and this is her first year being a member of CG Publications. So far Katie has contributed to the Trojaneer and the yearbook. When she is not working on publications, she is probably participating in one of the many clubs she is apart of. Katie plans on pursuing her goal of being a pediatric nurse practitioner after graduation.

Best Buddies Club Holds Pottery Event

The Best Buddies Club came together on January 31st and made pottery. This is one of many events that the Best Buddies club does together. The Best Buddies had a great time making pottery, and every member expressed having fun for different reasons. “My favorite part was seeing […]

Hahn Takes the Court Again

The lights glare on the court, the sneakers squeak against the floor as the athletes move toward the basket. The coach looks at his team with desperation hoping to beat the enemy at last. The players work together as a fluid motion, copying each other’s movements as the […]