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Rayce Patterson

Rayce Patterson is a Junior this year and it is his first year on the CG Publications team. Rayce is the Sound Master for the CGTV broadcasts and does a variety of jobs in CG Publications. Outside of school, you can find Rayce playing piano at church and hanging out with his family and friends. Rayce isn't sure what he wants to do after high school, but he hopes he can find a career that he enjoys.

The Power of Pep

It’s Friday night at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse.  People cheer, take videos and dance.  Music fills the air.  But there is no announcer, no cheerleaders, no basketball team or court.  This is the concourse area, where the Center Grove Pep Band is having the time of their lives.   […]

PassWhiz Pains

     The PassWhiz application is the new kid at school and I’m not quite comfortable with it yet.  While helpful, it can be obnoxious at times.  There is no worse feeling than remembering you need a pass for today and it is already past 7 a.m, which is […]

Boys Basketball Fans “Hush for Hahn”

The silence was uncanny.  The Vandermeer Gym was packed with spectators, but the only discernible sound was the squeak of the players’ shoes. The referees’ whistles that are rarely heard over the noise of the crowd were suddenly very loud. The buzzer was unbearably deafening and the whistles were piercing […]

Class Review: Physics

Multiple science classes are offered every year, from Astronomy to Zoology, but one course that students often overlook is Physics. Physics is the foundation for all of the other science classes. While classes like Biology and Chemistry deal with concepts that can’t always be tested within the class […]