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Chloe Tyson

The Pass to Library Passes

  Photo taken by: Dex Keizers   Faculty members denying a pass request can be a student’s worst nightmare, especially if it’s a few periods before a test or when a last minute pass is required. Some students report passes being denied to the library more than other teachers. […]

Choir Nationals

Over spring break Debtones and Sound System went to Nashville, Tennessee for Show Choir Nationals, held at the Grand Ole Opry. They stayed at the Gaylord Opry Mills Hotel for the duration of the competition; the 26th to the 29th. Debtones opened the competition for the unisex division […]

Key Club

Clubs offer students many opportunities, such as hanging out with friends, improving social skills and meeting new people. Listing clubs on resumes and college applications can show that students work well in a group and are actively involved during high school. One of the many clubs offered at […]