Trayce Jackson-Davis named Indiana Mr. Basketball

Ben Greller | Staff Writer

On Sunday, May 5, Trayce Jackson-Davis became the first player from Center Grove to win Mr. Basketball. The Mr. Basketball award is given to the most outstanding basketball player competing for an IHSAA school. Jackson-Davis finished with 179 out of 302 votes, with the votes coming from high school coaches and media members.

Jackson-Davis is just the third player from Johnson County and the first in 78 years to win the award. Prior winners were George Crowe of Franklin in 1939 and John Bass of Greenwood in 1941. Jackson-Davis joins a group with high-end names such as Glenn Robinson, Rick Mount and Eric Gordon.

“Just being on the same level as guys like Greg Oden, Kris Wilkes, and Kyle Guy is honestly a blessing,” Jackson-Davis said.

Jackson-Davis will also become the 28th player who has won Mr. Basketball to go on to play for Indiana University, joining the ranks of recent winners Cody Zeller, Jordan Hulls, Erica Gordon and Jared Jeffries.

“It’s a blessing joining such an elite group of players like Steve Alford, Damon Bailey and Romeo Langford is really amazing,” Jackson-Davis said.

At the beginning of his freshman year, winning the title seemed more of a far-off thought than a goal.

“It was a goal that Coach Hahn and I talked about, but it was mostly just a thought,” Jackson-Davis said. “It didn’t truly become a reality until my junior season. Coming in as a freshman, I did a lot of back to the basket post work, but I have grown into a very versatile forward with a lot of potential and upside.”

Head Coach Zach Hahn has seen Jackson-Davis’s development into the best player in the state first hand.

“The improvements he made physically and skill wise over the last four years is a testament to his hard work and what we do in our program,” Hahn said.

Jackson-Davis also credits the people surrounding him.

“I think that my parents and siblings were a huge reason why I succeeded,” Jackson-Davis said. “Also my teammates and my coaches really helped me along the way.”

Jackson-Davis will leave Center Grove as the program’s all-time leader in points, rebounds and blocks. As well as winning the Mr. Basketball title, Jackson-Davis was selected as a McDonald’s All-American, selected as a Jordan Brand All-American, voted the MIC’s most valuable player twice, recognized as a USA U-18 team member, and earned multiple All-County awards.


Meet the Sophomore Class President

Aaron Toland | Staff Writer

Last week, current freshman Sahil Sura was officially elected sophomore class president. As sophomore class president, Sura’s main responsibility will be the planning of the annual homecoming dance.

Q: Why did you decide to run for sophomore class president?

A: “I decided to run for class president because I want to help students with problems and because I want to take input from the students and make them happen in the school.”

Q: Did your sister being senior class president impact your decision to run for sophomore class president?

A:“My sister being senior class president definitely did have an impact on my decision because she told me to try it and that I’d get to make new friends, meet new people and also have a better relationship with my teachers.”

Q: What will your role as sophomore class president be?

A: “As class president, I will be responsible for asking students what ideas they have for Homecoming and combining those ideas to make something greater.”   

Q: What has prepared you for being class president?

A: “A previous leadership position I had was being on the drivetrain sub-team for robotics. This has prepared me for being class president because I had to talk to the mentors about the drivetrain and communicate with my teammates and other teams from around the state. Being in student council and NJHS in middle school helped me become the leader I am today because it made me realize that I could help the school and community in anyway I could.”

Q: What plans do you have for your term as class president?

A: “I have already thought about some specific themes for Homecoming. Other than Homecoming, I do have some plans in mind for my class and maybe even the school if allowed.”

Students plan to travel all over the state for post-prom festivities

Nick Wilson | Staff Writer

Everybody knows the excitement surrounding the biggest high school event of the year: prom. Including the well known group prom pictures, the usually expensive dinner, a limo ride to the party and a long night of dancing and fun, the post prom the following day is now hitting prom-goers as a modern tradition. Here at CG we do not have a required, school sanctioned after-party, which gives the students the liberty of choosing what they want to do after prom. This opens up a variety of spring time activities and day excursions to allow students to enjoy the weekend.

Gabby Ellis ‘20 plans to spend the day at the lake and soak up the sun.

“I would rather spend the day outside than do something inside,” Ellis said. “The weekend of prom is usually a turn in the weather and it’s supposed to be super warm.”

Yet a day at the lake isn’t the only option. Hiking at Brown County or at Turkey Run seem to have been pretty popular choices over the past few years. Brown County is also home to plenty of local, hometown shops that seem to be huge tourists attractions along with some restaurants including Big Woods Pizza Co., Hobnob Corner, and The Farmhouse Cafe and Tea Room.

Carter Zuch ‘20 plans to kayak at Turkey Run State Park. Zuch said, “It’s enjoyable to be outside the day after prom, especially since it’s supposed to clear up and be pretty warm, so my girlfriend and I thought it would be nice to hang out at the park and walk the trails, and kayak on the river beside it.”

Other students may stay local and spend the day at Independence Park or even have an after party in their own backyard.

Amusement appeal is also a key factor when students decide their post-prom activities. Sebastian Martin ‘19 plans on spending the day up in Fishers. The city of Fishers could fill up an entire day’s worth of fun with their newly opened Topgolf, the popular Portillo’s restaurant, and even a nice tour of the massive IKEA for only a short drive and bit of money. If you’d want a mixture of amusement or hanging out outside, Fishers is also home to several state parks and reservoirs, including Fort Harrison State Park. More local amusement activities could include a day at the Greenwood Mall, downtown Indy, or a trip to the movie theater. A few newly released movies at the time of prom will be Avengers: Endgame, The Intruder, and Long Shot.

Another popular post-prom activity is to head east to Cincinnati or Mason, Ohio. King’s Island tends to be a fairly expensive excursion, but pays out with an enjoyable day filled with sunshine and roller coaster thrills. Cincinnati also provides plenty of activities including the nationally-famous Cincinnati Zoo, the Newport aquarium, or even a Reds game at the Great American Ball Park, where tickets can be as cheap as $12. The Reds play the San Francisco Giants at 4:10 p.m. on May 5, the day after prom.

Regardless of what you do after prom, remember that it’s a day centralized around fun. However, being the last Sunday before AP tests, studying for your AP tests should come prior to Prom, so you can have ample time set aside to have fun at prom and post-prom activities.