Senior Basketball Players Say Goodbye

By Jackson Williams and Bryce Brown

Every year in every athletic program at Center Grove, there is a night to honor the seniors who have put in four years of work in order in further along a program. In a school of 2400, being able to have the opportunity to have a senior night is quite an accomplishment. Boys Basketball’s Senior Night happened on Tuesday, and it included two publications students. Jackson Williams and Bryce Brown have spent four years in the high school basketball program, and it was their night to be honored.


Jackson Williams:

Center Grove Basketball has been a part of my life since I was two years old. I have been coming to Center Grove Basketball practices since my dad was an assistant here for Coach Zych. Playing my final game in the Vandy Gym was bittersweet in the fact that Center Grove Basketball has been a part of my life since I was a little boy and now I can see it slowly coming to an end.

The memories I have made with this group of seniors has been memories I will remember forever. I would say the most special part of this senior class is the fact that we have been friends and played together for 10 years. No one has transferred in, it has been this group of seniors and I think that is what makes last night special when all five seniors started the game.

After winning the game and taking pictures with family, friends, and other players, I went into the locker room to get ready to leave and as I talked to the other seniors I saw 10 years flash right in front of me. Senior Night caused me to examine my basketball career with this group of seniors, and I can remember playing Indy Hoops travel leagues with these seniors in second grade, being the USSA State Runners Up, playing middle school basketball the last 10 years with this group of seniors for anything, our bond is truly a brotherhood.


Bryce Brown:

Not only did we give everything to the program, but we gave everything we had. Center Grove basketball has been a part of my life since I can remember. I grew up loving the game. It has held a special place in my heart for many years, and it will continue to be special for many years to come.

My love for the game grew strongest on Senior Night on Tuesday. Everything that I had worked for up to that point seemed to come full-circle. Walking out to my name being announced, and interlocking arms with my mom and dad, is a feeling that can never be replicated. It felt like I was on top of the world.

Having all 5 seniors start the game made it even more memorable. These are the kids that I have grown up playing with since 2nd grade. Seeing Trevor, Sam, Drew and Jackson on the court alongside me was one of the best moments in my life. From all the tournaments we played growing up, to all the memories we’ve made as lifelong friends, this moment seemed to top them all.

This group will stay together for years and years to come. We share a special bond that not many other teams can say they have. Not to be cliché, but it’s a true brotherhood. Senior Night seemed to encompass everything we’ve been through as a group.

As for the game, we could not have found a better way to win. With 2 seconds left, Drew hit a 25 foot, 3 pointer to win the game. How else could we end our last home game? It seemed as though it was destiny.

I will never forget all of the memories this group has shared. We overcame obstacles to become better players and people. All of the years playing with these guys will never be taken for granted. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

You Thought the First House Was Full…

By: Annie Gillum

As many people know, the series “Full House” aired its final episode in 1995. The ABC family-friendly staple of Friday night’s TGIF programming had a near cult following and introduced the world to the Olsen twins. From the comedic jokes of Joey Gladstone to the adorable personality of Michelle Tanner, the show featured characters that people grew to love. To many people’s surprise, “Full House” is coming back but is now called “Fuller House.”

“When I saw on TV that ‘Fuller House’ would be coming back on, I instantly got super excited and it made me think of the older days when I used to sit and watch it for hours,” Maddie London said.

“Fuller House” (the whole season) premiers on Netflix this Friday, Feb. 26. The show follows the adult life of the Tanner children, though Michelle Tanner (played by the Olsen twins) will not be seen on screen. D.J. Tanner-Fuller becomes a widow and has to raise her three kids Max, Tommy and Jackson in these new episodes. She asks for help from her sister, Stephanie.

The original “Full House” was about Jesse and Joey coming to help Danny raise his three children after his wife passed away and now “Fuller House” has the same plot but the role of Danny has gone to D.J.  Kimmy, D.J.’s best friend, also comes back to move in with them.

“One thing I am looking forward to is seeing Kimmy and her crazy self appear on the show again. She always makes me laugh and brings some awkwardness to the show,” Taylor Hammill said.

The show will feature the same set as the original episodes. D.J. will move back into the house in San Francisco and begin to live the life her father Danny Tanner once did.

“It made me sad to see that D.J. has to go through raising her kids as a single mom, but I like knowing that her sister, Stephanie, and friend, Kimmy, will be there to help and support her,” Taylor Hickey said.

The talk about “Fuller House” has been constant since Netflix announced the air date. As has been the norm with Netflix originals, “Fuller House” will release all 13 episodes of season 1 at once.

So get ready to grab some popcorn, sit on the couch and binge watch “Fuller House” this Friday!

“Do You See Me Now?”: Student Writes Book

By: Dex Keizers

“I will myself to talk, to beg him not to tell anyone, but I can’t. So my eyes say what my mouth can’t.


There is understanding on his face and he loosens his grip. He points to his wrist and I see the faint outlines of faded scars. I gasp and look up to him with tears in my eyes. This boy, the boy I wanted to disappear, knows my pain.”

“Do You See Me Now?”


The book “Do you see me now?” written by Abby Fortune, a CGHS junior, is the story about a teenage girl named Dakota Jackson. The book is a first-person perspective on Dakota’s life and how she deals with her problems.


“Dakota lost everything when she was 14,” Fortune said. “She is now 16, and her life is beginning to change. While carrying the burden of two dark secrets, she struggles to live as normal as a life as possible. One day, she meets the person that will help her become herself again. James. She discovers that he shares one of her secrets, and together they face the terror that is always behind her.”


Fortune wrote the book because of her love for reading. She has always had a passion for writing and decided to start writing this book in the eighth-grade.


“I have personal experience with depression and problems that can come out of it, so I used that as inspiration,” Fortune said. “Mental illness is often overlooked in society and not taken seriously, so I wanted to write something that actually shows how it works and how it can eat away at a person, and I feel that since I have experience with it and know how it feels that my book is more accurate in how depression actually is and that it can be deadly to whoever has it.”


Despite Fortune’s decision to go to college and major in English and minor in teaching, she plans to continue her progress and aspirations as a writer.


“I have a second book already written that is the same story but from a different point of view,” Fortune said. “I also plan to write a small novella that contains a scene in which we don’t really know what happens because Dakota wasn’t there, only James was. So that will be my third to write, and I plan on writing more after that and I have a notebook full of ideas.”


Fortune’s book can be purchased online as an eBook for $5.99 at