Senior balances leadership positions in three clubs

Claire Schultz | Staff Writer

A leadership role in a club can be time-consuming, let alone in three clubs. Senior Will Pack knows this all too well, as he is the president of Business Professionals of America, Model United Nations and Cultural Unity Club.

“Business Professionals of America is a professional development club where students can interact with different business programs that they choose to be involved in,” Pack said. Such programs include digital communication and design, finances and accounting, management information systems, business administration, among others.

During the BPA season, Pack had to balance running the club and making the extensive presentation for his competition.

“As the president, I’m responsible for organizing pretty much everything. The other officers and I set up the newsletter and interactions with Mrs. Nolan and Mr. Bowers to kind of make sure everything’s organized,” Pack said. “It’s my responsibility to be the top officer and make sure everyone else does their job and gets everything done.”

The responsibilities that come with being the leading officer of BPA are also apparent in Model UN, where Pack serves as president.

“Model United Nations is a club where we go to two conferences a year. We go to IUMUNC and IUPUI MUN, and we simulate the model United Nations there,” Pack said. “When we go we will represent certain countries or people, depending on the circumstance, and then we just kind of simulate political debate and a United Nations environment, but it’s obviously a simulation and it’s just really fun. We go for a weekend and have a good time.”

Cultural Unity is the third club where Pack presides as president, this time with co-president senior Lucas Kroll.

“By leading with other people in clubs, I’ve really learned how to manage people,” Pack said. “A lot of times I want to do everything, but it’s really important that I train other people on how to do stuff because I’m not going to be here next year and it’s important that they have the skills that they need to be able to run the club in my absence.

Although his leadership terms will be ending after this year, Pack hopes he will be able to take the management and business skills he has learned with him to college.

Students compete downtown in BPA state conference

Lucas Kroll | Staff Writer

On Sunday through Tuesday, 22 student representatives went downtown to compete in the Business Professionals of America state leadership conference at the Indianapolis Marriott.

Business Professionals of America, BPA, is a nationally recognized business club at Center Grove. Around the United States, there are over 2,300 chapters in 23 different states with an estimated membership of over 43,000 students.

“We competed all throughout Sunday and Monday doing our events, going to leadership sessions, and taking open tests. Then we had our awards ceremony on Tuesday,” Victor Gastelum ‘19 said, who competed in digital marketing and business and financial management.

BPA State is not solely about competing in business events, it is also about meeting people from other schools and networking, time-management, and enjoying what downtown has to offer.

“At BPA we spend much of our time going to different places to do events, eat, and hang out,” president of BPA, Will Pack ‘19 said, who competed in economic research and won in digital marketing. “We meet various different people from throughout the state of Indiana. Also, we have to be responsible for ourselves and getting to our events on time.”

Every year, the top performers in the competitions at State qualify for Nationals which is held in a different location every year. Center Grove had around 20 members participating at the State conference, with nine members qualifying for the national leadership conference in Anaheim, California.

“Qualifying for nationals was an exciting experience,” Phillip Golder ‘20 said, who won in legal office procedures. “To do well you had to type legal documents quickly and accurately. I practiced quite a bit, and even though I will not be attending nationals, I am still glad to qualify.”

Sophomores Christina Monev, Andy Lam, Dhrumil Patel, Parthiv Patel and Vaibhava Potturu competed and won as a group in computer animation during last week’s BPA state convention.

All five will be attending the National Leadership Conference from May 1-5 in Anaheim. There, the group will compete to rank nationally among other high school BPA chapters.

Theatre department begins working on spring play

Emma Red | Staff Writer

The theatre department is kicking into gear this week, working on its spring production of “Paradise Lost and Found.” This time around, though, there will be some big changes for the cast, crew and directors.

“Paradise Lost and Found’ is a comedy set in the modern day, and the whole show is set in the lost-and-found department,” Drama Club Director Ashlee Vitz said. “The fall play was a huge production and a musical, but this is a straight play. Something really cool about this production in particular is that most of the cast is underclassmen, which doesn’t usually happen. It was really cool to see so many freshmen and sophomores up on stage ready to put their best out there for us. We also have understudies this year, which has never happened before as far as I know.”

Freshman Katie Pinkus said the audition process was comfortable and calm, winning her the role of an understudy for a lead in the show.

“Auditions were set up really nicely, so it wasn’t scary, and I think I did really well because of that,” she said. “Being an understudy is preparing me to play a lead in the future and is teaching me what I need to learn and what I need to do better. I’ve had so much fun doing it. I definitely want to continue with theatre in high school because of this opportunity.”

Along with changes for the cast, changes are also taking place for the crew as they get used to operating a smaller show for the spring.

“I’ve been upgraded to stage manager this year,” said junior Brianna Limbruner, who usually takes on the role of crew coordinator backstage. “So much of this show is just lights and sound because there’s a lot less moving parts, so I am the only stage manager. Even though this role is only temporary for me, I’m really glad that I’m being trusted to take it on. Everything is really different, so I’m excited to learn through it. We’re getting to be pretty organized in our new positions, so I think it’ll be a really funny and great show.”

“Paradise Lost and Found” was written by Pat Cook and will be performed thrice by students at Center Grove High School starting on Friday, April 5 at 7 p.m. It will run at the same time on Saturday, April 6 before closing on Sunday, April 7 at 2 p.m.


Junior excels in improv, participates in ComedySportz

Graham Kanwit | Staff Writer

In many sports, one moment can mean the difference between victory and defeat. As junior Isaac Outland knows, this is also true of ComedySportz–one bad joke and the entire audience can turn against you. However, as one of the more experienced members of the team, Outland is always prepared to bring his best to ComedySportz matches.

  “I’ve been doing comedy sports camp for 5 years,” Outland said. “But, I’ve been to matches and had experience with comedy sports since I was five.”

  Since 6th grade, Outland’s schedule has been filled with ComedySportz camp and other theater ventures.

  “I come from a theater background,” Outland said. “Improv is just one of the many ways of theater. It helps me step out of my comfort zone and molt out of my shell, if you will.”

  Outland’s theater background comes from his mother, who inspired Outland to try the sport for himself.

  “I was looking up to my mom, who started it before me,” Outland said. We were sitting in Joe’s Diner, when she randomly asked me if I thought she should do comedy sports. She tried it and got in. Her experience inspired me. I wanted to try it, and to my surprise, I was actually okay at it.”

  While Outland’s comedy sports activities started out as just a hobby, it became much more when he got to high school.

  “The high school team blew my mind,” Outland said. “I was lucky enough to make varsity my sophomore year.”

  The varsity team has a rigorous schedule each year. During the first semester, they focus on building the team, and begin playing matches in the second semester. The team has 12-15 members who participate in matches that are an hour to an hour and a half long. These matches involve mini-games such as 4v4 matchups, improv, head to head games and team games. In some games, the ref awards points, while the audience awards points in others.

“The schedule is usually a head-to-head game, then each team does a game by themselves, then another head-to-head, and it repeats. Sometimes there’s also a pun game,” said Outland.

The head to head games typically involve the teams acting out various improv situations against each other, with the winning team being awarded higher points by the judge. There are several different varieties of head-to-head games in each match.

“My personal favorite game is advice panel because it lets you create a character,” said Outland. “You never know how you’re going to use it.”

Advice panel involves three panelists and a host. The host of the game asks the audience if they need any advice questions and the panelists have to answer the questions in character.

“Part of what I like about it is that pretty much every answer is wrong,” said Outland.

  Games like advice panel have become a part of Outland’s regular routine. However, these games are not the only opportunity for him to showcase his improv skills. He also participates in a week-long summer camp each year.

  “The camp is mostly about training your improv skills,” said Outland. “It’s four hours a day for a week. Then we showcase games at the end of the week.”

  Despite the demanding schedule of the sport, Outland is quick to point out the positives of participating.

  “It’s just a fun, open community,” said Outland. “We welcome all different types of people. Anyone can join.”

In a sport where one joke can mean the difference between a win and a loss for a team, an open community atmosphere may be exactly what the team needs.


Students attend annual Anime Crossroads convention

Claire Schultz | Staff Writer

Last weekend, the “Anime Crossroads” convention was held at the Wyndham Indianapolis East Hotel. There were panels, a dealers room, shopping opportunities, and guests such as J. Michael Tatum (Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler, Teyna Iida from My Hero Academia), Lauren Landa (Nora from Noragami, Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan) and Brandon McInnis (Sohnosuke Izayoi from Danganropa, Samon Gokuu from Nanbaka).

Attendees, including several CG students, were able to play games, listen to guest speakers and talk about pop culture with other fans. There were a variety of different panels for fans to attend such as “Canines in Pop Culture”, “Name that Anime Tune” and “RWBY: BINGO”.

“Most of the panels I went to involved voice actors that I am familiar with compared to other panels that are run by random inexperienced people,” junior Leslie Luong said.

Though some panels were run by con attendees, several are run by special guests, like J. Michael Tatum, an anime voice actor, and “Lauren’s Disney Lip Sync with Guests” which featured a variety of different famous people in the Anime community.

The convention featured a shopping center that sold items that couldn’t be bought anywhere else, so buying merchandise and supporting local artists was a must for many of the attendees.

“At conventions, I love going through Artist’s Alley. This is where most of the artists sell prints, stickers, buttons and other creations, so I always want to go through that area to see what’s there,” senior Michelle Poe said.

Meeting voice actors is also a huge attraction at conventions, some lines to meet them being hours long.

“Going in, there wasn’t anyone in particular that I wanted to meet. I always enjoy meeting voice actors, but no one, in particular, had captured my attention for Anime Crossroads,” Poe said. “When I got there, however, I found out that Lauren Landa voiced Robin in ‘Fire Emblem Awakening’, and then I was very excited to meet her.”

Cosplay was also a large part of the convention. Cosplay is dressing up as a character from a movie, video game or TV show. Even if you don’t cosplay, as it is expensive and requires more preparation before a convention, you can always get your picture taken with cosplayers.

Although Anime Crossroads already happened, Indianapolis is hosting a variety of different pop culture conventions coming up this summer. IndyPopCon is happening June 8-10, and Indiana Comic Con is happening Aug. 30 to Sept. 1.

Trojan Update with Ben Greller

Each week sports writer Ben Greller will have updates on last week’s sporting events, as well as previewing this week’s matchups. Look for Greller’s update every week to get you ready for each week’s big games. This week includes perspective from sports writer Sebastian Martin.

Girls Basketball The girls basketball team concluded a great season this past Saturday, falling  to Bedford North Lawrence 51-33 in the regionals. The Trojans finished 22-4 overall, which was good for second place in the MIC. They were also county and sectional champions, as well as the Columbus North Holiday Tournament champions.

Wrestling At semi-state this past weekend, Center Grove had two wrestlers come out victorious and punch their ticket to Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the state wrestling finals. Brayden Littell and Peyton Pruett will wrestle in the first round of the state finals on Friday at 6 p.m. at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse.

Girls Swimming and Diving The girls swimming team also concluded their season as well this past weekend. The relay team of Gracie Marsh, Emma Pawlik, Jaden King and Devin Trammell swam a 3:39.59 to finish 22nd at the state meet, one spot better than their seed time. Diver Kenzie Mills, in her first state finals appearance, advanced to the state semi-finals, finishing 18th overall.

Boys Swimming The boys swimming and diving team will swim in sectional semi-finals this coming Thursday with finals on Saturday. Center Grove has had a great year and will go into Saturday with a chance to win the meet and can undoubtedly send multiple swimmers to the state finals.

Boys Basketball (Perspective from Sebastian Martin) The Trojans (13-7) are coming off a week that included a 85-41 win over Roncalli and an eleven point defeat to No. 4 Lawrence Central. This week the Trojans will look for victory at home against Mooresville (13-6) on Tuesday and on the road against North Central (5-14) on Friday. The Trojans will likely be the toughest competitor Mooresville faces until the tournament, and the Pioneers will be coming into the Vandermeer Gymnasium looking to pull off an upset. Assuming Center Grove can take care of business on Friday night, they should walk away with a road win in the conference.

Boys and Girls Track Both track teams will start their first official practice this week. It should be an amazing season as they are bringing in lots of young talent as well as returning a sprinkle of veterans such as Kiyah Yeast, Julia Riley, Makensie Kramer, Sebastian Martin, Gavin Matheson and Sam Hohlt to help compete in their first meet, Indoor MIC, on March 15.