NHS hosts first annual Midnight Mile for Anna’s Celebration of Life

Kelsey Osbourne | Staff Writer

This past friday, NHS put on a brand-new event called the Midnight Mile, a fundraising event for the non-profit Anna’s Celebration of Life. The Midnight Mile is basically walking a mile around the track at midnight, but the hours leading up to it are filled with games, activities, music, and more.

“My favorite part of the event was getting to support Anna’s Celebration of Life while spending time with my friends,” junior Chloe Walsh said.

The event was held in the football field from 10pm to midnight, when the field lights were turned off and everyone walked or ran a mile around the track. The theme of the night was neon, featuring lots of glow-in-the-dark items and colorful clothes.

“I really enjoyed being with my friends and supporting a good cause,” junior Mahek Agrawal said. “It was also super fun to have it on the football field at night with the neon theme.”

Part of the event was the kickball tournament, where teams that students put together played against each other throughout the night leading up to the mile.

“It was pretty fun to play kickball with the team that I had put together that day, and we only scored one run, but it was better than we thought we would do,” junior Carter Dills said.

Junior Katelyn Jansen was also on a kickball team.

“My favorite part of midnight mile was getting to organize a kickball team and then getting to dominate and have fun playing with my friends,” said Jansen.

For its first time being held at Center Grove, the midnight mile attracted more than 200 people, including those who are not in NHS.

“Before the midnight mile, I was already hanging out with friends somewhere else and I ended up deciding to go on a whim,” junior Olivia Oliver said. “It ended up being a lot of fun because everyone was there to have fun, and it was a really good break from all the stress surrounding upcoming finals and AP testing.”

The Midnight Mile was able to raise over $2000 for Anna’s Celebration of Life, and the event allowed to students to support a charity while having a good time.


Early College seniors awarded with Core 30 diplomas and associate degrees

Aaron Toland | Staff Writer

After four years of hard work, many students will now be able to earn a degree: an associate’s degree that is. Tonight, the school’s Early College program will hold a recognition night for the class of 2019 in the auditorium. The program will honor the forty-two students who earned an associate’s degree from Vincennes University(VU) and the fifty-one students who earned their Statewide Transfer General Education Core(STGEC), which meets the general education requirements of all public Indiana universities.

Students felt that earning their associate’s degree was important because it would allow them to have a head start on their post secondary education.

Associate’s degree recipient Meghan Barber said, “For me, getting my associate’s  degree was so important because I could get it at the high school where it cost less and it would help me get a head start in college.”

Fellow associate’s degree recipient Madison Watson said, “I would say that it was important to me because I wanted to get a head start for college and see what I was capable of.”

Earning an associate’s degree required students to overcome several hurdles.

The main challenge in earning this degree for Barber and Claire Endris was making the room in their schedules for the required VU classes.

“The biggest challenge of getting the associate’s  degree was having to not take non-VU classes that I wanted to take,” Barber said. “Many of the dual credit classes I took were in junior and senior year, which made it especially difficult”.

Endris said, “The biggest challenge I came across was trying to cram all of the +VU classes I needed to take into my class schedule while making sure I would still end up with my associates degree when I graduated.”

Watson’s toughest challenge was the rigor of the dual credit courses themselves.    

“The biggest challenge I have faced while earning my degree is that these courses require a lot of effort and work, so sometimes your motivation or effort can diminish at times,” Watson said.

Overcoming these academic and scheduling  challenges and earning an associate’s degree will benefit these students in several ways.

Barber and Watson both feel that earning their associate’s degree and taking VU classes has prepared them for college.

“I think that by having this degree going into college, I will be more prepared for a college workload and the expectations that come with going to higher education,” Barber said.

“I think getting this degree in high school is very beneficial because it allows you to take college level courses in an environment that is more comfortable for you,” Watson said. “It helps prepare you for college, as well as give you options about what classes you can take that will most benefit your major.”

Endris thinks that her associate’s degree strengthened her as a student and will also give her the opportunity to have a head start on her post secondary education.

“I definitely think that earning my associates degree has opened up several opportunities to pursue my major faster; it has allowed me to get most of my general study courses out of the way that I otherwise would have to take if I was not in early college,” Endris said. “Earning my associate’s degree further strengthened my work ethic, expectations for academic success and my communication skills with others.”

The students being recognized tonight will join a multitude of students who have earned college degrees since Center Grove Early College program was started in 2011.

Meet the Junior Class President

Nick Wilson | Staff Writer

Q: What are your plans as a president? What do you want to focus on/improve?

A: There are a lot of really exciting things that Macy (Vice President) and I are looking forward to next year. One of those is just raising school spirit in general. We feel as though the student body isn’t fully engaged and excited about the school and the many opportunities that it provides. We are hoping to increase student support at under-attended sporting events as well as club activities in order to accomplish the goal of getting every student involved here at CG in some capacity. Another idea we are really excited about is getting the community involved in school functions. Outside of sporting events themselves, we see a gap in the connection between the school and the community. We love the support clearly seen at sporting events and would like to see that carry over to both club, and administrative events. Our goal is to see our student body actively engage the community in a variety of activities and events, in order to promote school spirit, as well as encourage and strengthen community within the Center Grove area. These are just a couple things me and Macy have been discussing and are looking forward to in this upcoming school year.

Q: Have you started to think about prom? That is the biggest thing Juniors plan  

and take part of.

A: Yes absolutely! Prom is a highly anticipated event for all of us as students here at CG, so we have already been thinking and planning ahead for it. All of our profit from homecoming ticket sales last fall, will go towards renting out the venue for next year’s Prom. We as an officer team have also run coat check at prom the last two years. This has helped us get a feel for the venue as well as observe what changes we might want to make in order to make Prom an enjoyable experience for all students. Through running coat check we have also made some money that will be put back towards paying for Prom as well.

Q: What does your role include?

A: I lead any class meetings we have, as well as meet with fellow officers to discuss any and all StuGo topics and events. At times we may meet with with teachers and administration to discuss upcoming activities or possible ideas for future events. As class president I also try to carry myself in a way that best represents the school.

Art Department showcases student work at Festival of the Arts

McKenna Bryant | Staff Writer & Photographer

CG Art ShowClick on this photo to learn more about some of the artists and their artwork being displayed during Festival of the Arts.

If you would like to see your artwork added to our coverage, please send the following information to warnertedrow@gmail.com:

  • Photo of student with art show piece
  • Name, Grade & School of student
  • Quote from student about either the creation of the art piece or why they are proud of their piece of art.

Once we receive information, we will update the Adobe Spark and you can check back to see your work displayed!