Marching band debuts new show, “In Every Direction”

Jackson Gardner | Website Editor

For the past several weeks, the marching band has been preparing their show “In Every Direction,” a performance inspired by all of the directions people can go in life.

Directed by Kevin Schuessler and Joe Lapka, the show includes four different numbers: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” “You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are” and “NO one To kNOW one”.

“I think the music this season is really cool. I really enjoy the concept and I think it’s different and unique compared to what we have done in the past,” junior synth player Corey Combs said. “In the beginning of the show you can hear a voice over saying different directions and the whole show is kind of centered around the concept of like directions and going different places.”

The band has been practicing their routine since early July under the leadership of drum major Jenna Hans.

“I liked last year’s theme because it took a moment to appreciate each section of the band but I also really enjoy our theme this year because it’s more ambiguous,” said Hans. “It’s not something that you might understand immediately.”

Hans, along with the two other drum majors, seniors Tara Isanaka and Aaliyah Perdieu, have been getting used to their new head positions. Although this is Hans’ second year as drum major; both Isanaka and Perdieu are new to being drum majors.

“It is definitely different being a drum major than a regular member,” Perdieu said. “You have a lot more responsibilities; a lot more than you would being a normal marcher. They put a lot of pressure on you because you are in the position where you are working in the middle of students and staff. It’s a lot of fun but also a lot of pressure.”

That pressure creates challenges but the drum majors know the rewards of the season will come.

“Being drum major definitely comes with a lot of stress, but it will definitely pay off. I’m very excited for competitions to start and I believe we will have a great season,” Hans said.

The band will debut their show tonight during the football game at halftime continue to prepare their routine for competition season which begins on Sept. 15 at Brownsburg High School.

Junior shines in his music abilities by mastering multiple instruments

Katelyn Mitchell | Staff Writer

Music is something that has been passed down from generation to generation, telling the stories of previous generations. Music keeps the culture alive and lets the diversity show through. While many are only accustomed to listening to music, junior Nathan Rakes prefers to play and create music with the flute.

“In fifth grade, we had people come in from the middle school to test if we were going to be in choir, band or orchestra,” Rakes said. “I personally liked the sound of the higher instruments, such as high woodwind or brass. During that time, I was given the choice of either playing the flute, oboe, or joining choir. I chose the flute because I had gotten the lowest score and I didn’t think that I would play it past the sixth grade.”

Even though Rakes did not have confidence in his abilities to play the instrument, he continued playing it throughout middle school and high school.

“I stuck with the flute because I developed a liking for it. In times where I’m feeling sad or upset, playing the flute makes me happier,” Rakes said.

As Rakes progressed, his talents and abilities grew and gathered the attention of both his teachers and music companies.

Rakes has earned the position of first chair in both the wind symphony and wind ensemble, and participates in marching band and jazz band at the high school. He’s also involved outside of school, having participated in the New World Symphony Orchestra, Clifford Ratliff Big Band, Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Greater Indianapolis, Indiana Band-Masters Association All State Honors Band, National Band Association All Star Marching Band, Martinsville Community Band and the Genna Paige Flute Choir.

Even though Rakes is well-known for his flute playing, he is also prolific in other instruments, playing the piccolo, clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone and euphonium.

Currently, Rakes is looking forward to playing flute in college and potentially as his permanent career.

“I am planning to do music and college, preferably IU,” Rakes said. “I’m deciding to go into music performance and composition. I’m heavily motivated and ready to perform and display everything that I have accomplished to my peers.”

Marching band perfects “Light Motif” to win competition

Aislinn Chavali | Staff Writer


As the football season begins to wrap up, the marching band is polishing the finishing touches on their show. Since the beginning of the year, the band has put together “Light Motif” piece by piece, gradually adding to the final product.

“We learn movements, or parts with different themes, throughout the season. Early to mid October is usually when the full show is out. This year we only have four movements,” senior percussionist Sam Bauer said. 

In addition to the different movements in the show, the marching band must also learn drill, which is where and how to march.

IMG_8247 2

“We added the fourth movement two weeks ago and finished it last week with drill and music, but the show will continue to change in ways. The changes won’t be big until the end of the season,”Bauer said.

At the end of October, the marching band will compete in the state finals. They received fifth place last year with their show titled “Endangered,” and this year they hope to place higher.

“Doing so well makes me excited since it’s my last year to make grand national finals, which is the top fourteen marching bands in the nation,” Bauer said.

While this is certainly a big accomplishment, it won’t come easy. A lot of time and effort has to be put into perfecting the show. The marching band practices for two to two and a half hours every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday after school, and from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon for every Saturday that isn’t a competition day.

IMG_8211 2

“I do really love what I do. The hard work gives us opportunities and memories that aren’t common. Some of my favorite memories are when everyone is working their hardest to get better. It’s an amazing feeling,” Bauer said.

Come support your marching band this Saturday at the high school during their first competition which lasts all day. They start performing at 8:20 p.m.


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