Choirs prepare for their final show of the year

Sophie Freeland and Brenna Emerson | Staff Writers

Tease your hair, do your makeup, and get those rhinestones! That’s right, it’s almost time for our school’s annual Spring Spectacular! Every year show choirs put on a final show for everyone to come and enjoy with something new to offer.

“Each year is a different theme,” junior Sound System member Elena Eberwine said. “A couple years ago was ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ last year it was ‘Chicago’ and this year’s theme is ‘Hoosier Hysteria.’”

The Hoosier Hysteria theme this year includes a mix of old favorites and new pop music.

As a member of Debtones, the all female award-winning choir, Junior Lauren Cooley said that the theme includes “pieces from Indiana’s own,: John Mellencamp, Cole Porter and Michael Jackson. We also include a section dedicated to the Indy 500.”

There is a lot of time, preparation and rhinestones that go into the final show of the year, keeping these students busy.

“We practice just about every day for two weeks on stage to prepare for the show,” Eberwine said.

The show is produced by all of the show choirs together and also accompanied by a special guest to make for a bigger and better performance and experience.

“All of the show choirs will be doing multiple singing and dancing numbers, while ‘CG Singers’ and the beginning choirs will help to feature and sing back up for the guest Josh Kaufman, winner of The Voice,” Eberwine said.

Being the last show of the year, it can be a very emotional one, especially for the seniors.

“The show is typically staged with seniors at the front, to give them a great last show on the high school stage,” Cooley said.

Spring Spectacular is an annual event so make sure to get tickets to assure a seat for an unforgettable experience.



CG choirs make first debut of the year with Fall Festival concert

Miriam Barajas | Staff Writer and Photographer
Calista Stafford | Photographer

Fall Festclick on the picture above to learn more about Fall Fest 2018.

Sound System and CG Singers traveled to Hilbert Circle Theater over the weekend to perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Check out our coverage here:

Sound System and CG Singers perform with Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Mara Bastin | Staff Writer

While many other students were attending the Homecoming dance on Saturday evening, members of CG Sound System and CG Singers were performing with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at the Hilbert Circle Theatre and Troupe Vertigo, a Los Angeles-based circus groups that travels around the country.

“It was literally dreamlike,” Junior Alayna Whitis said. “Everything was so professional and it was cool considering that it was not an everyday opportunity you see thrown your way.”

This year’s performance with the ISO was a one-time occasion, making it all the more memorable for Sound System. However, preparing five songs, including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Pure Imagination,” for the event took days of practice.

“We all practiced the songs every day and went to rehearsals in the few days leading up to it,” Whitis said.

Not only did the event take extensive practice, but it also took a level of professionalism to work with other musicians in an entirely different environment.

“The experience was pretty incredible because we met so many different professionals,” Sophomore Daniel Neville said. “It also gave me the realization of how strict and serious you must be with these professionals.”

The unique experience gave choir members a taste of the focused work of a professional orchestra.

“[The show] actually went really well. All of the singers and dancers were amazing and the orchestra that ISO has is extremely talented. Without the support of the orchestra, the show probably wouldn’t have been so smooth,” Neville said. “It really impacted our choir because it showed us how many chances we get to perform at these amazing places and we can’t take that for granted because we may not be able to go back for a while.”


Choir Department prepares for final show of the year

Jessica Richardson | Staff Writer

Lights, rhinestones, tap shoes; it’s showtime!  The CG choral department is finishing the year with their annual ‘Spring Spectacular’. Throughout the week, show choir was busy with many long rehearsals after school to prepare for the show on Thursday and Friday night.

¨The rehearsals went by really quickly and they were pretty good compared to past years,” senior Debtones member Taylor McNamee said. ¨The dances this year were pretty easy, so I really have not had to work hard at all.¨

This year’s show was based off of the Broadway show “Chicago” and the city itself.

¨’Chicago’ is about two women in the 20’s in Chicago who are trying to become big on stage with some not so good circumstances,” McNamee said.¨

Spring Spec

Both women have committed murder. The show starts before the crimes and walks you through each story, and at the end, the two women come together and form a famous singing duo.¨

Spring spec is the last performance of the year for the Choir Department.

“It’s really bittersweet knowing that my time in choir is coming to an end,” senior Madison Montgomery said. “It’s really sad since it’s been a part of my life for the past four years, but I can’t wait to come back and watch the shows in years to come!”

Though seniors are preparing for graduation, they know the choir experience has given them many memories.

¨Being a senior going through the last show is rough,¨ McNamee said. ¨All I want to do is give up and graduate, but the seniors still have to be an example to the underclassmen and juniors especially since they are taking our place next year. Being a senior has also allowed me to take a step back and really appreciate everyone involved with choir shows! There are so many behind the scenes people that don


’t get any credit for the hard work they do for us, but without them, we would not have a show to put on.¨

As an underclassman, sophomore Sounds System member Susan May knows that the evening’s celebration will represent a passing of leadership.

“I’ve really looked up to the seniors this year, so next year we will have to take over,” May said. “It will be kind of bittersweet because they’re moving on to college, but they’ll also miss it.”

As the last show for seniors, Spring Spec is an important show for families and friends to support the students in the Center Grove Choral department. A few tickets are still available for $10.