Choir Nationals

IMG_3007Over spring break Debtones and Sound System went to Nashville, Tennessee for Show Choir Nationals, held at the Grand Ole Opry. They stayed at the Gaylord Opry Mills Hotel for the duration of the competition; the 26th to the 29th. Debtones opened the competition for the unisex division on Thursday night. Debs won best vocals, best choreography, best tech crew, and sophomore Adrianna Goss won best soloist.

“The best part was getting to meet and befriend people from show choirs across the nation who were staying in the hotel with us, everyone was super friendly,” Debtones singer Maddie Robbins said.

Robbins enjoyed being able to perform at the Grand Ole Opry which she described as a once in a lifetime chance. The warm up room that the singers used was where Nashville Live, a television talk show hosted by Ralph Emery, was filmed.IMG_3020

Debtones sang “Out of sight Out of mind”, “Loverly” mixed with “Bright Side”, “Papa Can You Hear Me” and “Raise Your Voice”.

Maddie Robbins and Eli Robinson both agree that the other singing groups were supportive of each other, were very friendly, talented, and energetic.

“There wasn’t a single boring moment and everyone was supportive of other choirs, giving stand ovations and starting chants. It was amazing.” Said Robbins.

Sound System opened their division on Friday morning and made it to finals. At the beginning they were placed 4th place. Later they moved to 2nd place overall and won best choreography.IMG_3022

“The best part of the experience was being with my friends and competing in the National Competition. We were shooting for first place but second is really good also.” said Robinson.

Sound System sang “Duel of Fates,” “Ten Minutes Ago,” “Impossible,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “A Dream is a Wish,” “Camelot/Men in Tights” and “I Will Prevail.”

Singing and…Running?

Most people associate staff member Jennifer Dice specifically with music classes, but many are not aware that she has another particular interest, running.

“I started running in college, I actually ran track in high school and by ‘ran’ I mean I ran to somebody’s house and ate during practice and then came back, I hated running” Dice said.

Despite her dislike of running in high school, her opinion has since changed drastically.

“I started running in college and began to love it, and it was really a way to keep off the freshman 15 but then it sort of turned into an addiction.”

Dice has continued to run ever since, even taking part in the Boston Marathon in both 2005 and 2009. Her fastest run, however, was in 2011 when she was the second female to cross the finish line of the Carmel Marathon with a time of 3:25:47. Interestingly enough, as she neared the finish line in this race, she grew tired and slowed down to a crawl. She was about to stop, but at just the right time a biker rode beside her and gave her what amounted to a pep talk to keep her running; he would not let her slow down.

While Dice was thankful for the support, she said, “At the time I wanted to kill him.”

As the years went on, Dice’s love of running has extended past her own personal running. For five years, she helped coach the varsity girls cross country team with Wes Dodson, but had to stop after having children. She does, however, train with the team from time to time.

“I run with them occasionally, I’ve been a little more consistent in doing it a couple times a week,” she said.

Dice strongly encourages those who want to try out running to just go for it.

“You don’t have to just be in high school to run, you can be any age. There are tons of races every weekend, just pick one. I would encourage people to start with something small and set a goal, just go after it, once you’ve completed one, you get a sense of satisfaction in that you’re likely going to be compelled to do another one,” Dice said.

Dice fully acknowledges the irony in that running was once an activity she hated in her time in high school, only for it to turn into an “obsession” in her college days.

“I would say you try something once and maybe you don’t enjoy it but try it again later in life and see, because you just never know when things may click at that moment and it just works for you.”