Senior balances leadership positions in three clubs

Claire Schultz | Staff Writer

A leadership role in a club can be time-consuming, let alone in three clubs. Senior Will Pack knows this all too well, as he is the president of Business Professionals of America, Model United Nations and Cultural Unity Club.

“Business Professionals of America is a professional development club where students can interact with different business programs that they choose to be involved in,” Pack said. Such programs include digital communication and design, finances and accounting, management information systems, business administration, among others.

During the BPA season, Pack had to balance running the club and making the extensive presentation for his competition.

“As the president, I’m responsible for organizing pretty much everything. The other officers and I set up the newsletter and interactions with Mrs. Nolan and Mr. Bowers to kind of make sure everything’s organized,” Pack said. “It’s my responsibility to be the top officer and make sure everyone else does their job and gets everything done.”

The responsibilities that come with being the leading officer of BPA are also apparent in Model UN, where Pack serves as president.

“Model United Nations is a club where we go to two conferences a year. We go to IUMUNC and IUPUI MUN, and we simulate the model United Nations there,” Pack said. “When we go we will represent certain countries or people, depending on the circumstance, and then we just kind of simulate political debate and a United Nations environment, but it’s obviously a simulation and it’s just really fun. We go for a weekend and have a good time.”

Cultural Unity is the third club where Pack presides as president, this time with co-president senior Lucas Kroll.

“By leading with other people in clubs, I’ve really learned how to manage people,” Pack said. “A lot of times I want to do everything, but it’s really important that I train other people on how to do stuff because I’m not going to be here next year and it’s important that they have the skills that they need to be able to run the club in my absence.

Although his leadership terms will be ending after this year, Pack hopes he will be able to take the management and business skills he has learned with him to college.

Model UN students attend annual IU conference

Brianna Stewart-Allen | Staff Writer

On Feb. 23 to 25, Indiana University had their fourth annual Model United Nations Conference attended by high school students nationwide, including more than 15 CG students.

The conference took place at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) on the IU campus. Rooms in the building were transformed to mirror those of political organizations both from the past and the present. The conference had a variety of different committees including the United Nations Human Rights Council, USSR and the Iron Curtain- Soviet Cabinet, and General Assembly (GA Plenary).

“I was a part of the GA plenary committee. We discussed topics such as sustainable development goals, proxy wars in East Africa, and terrorists using natural resources to their advantages,” said sophomore Shreya Parikh.

IMG_9864Model UN is a way for students to act out and participate in a moderated discussion modeling that of the United Nations. Students are given a country or position and research about it in order to debate with other students on given topics.

“We had to write position papers on our given countries and research the topics to make sure we had stuff to talk about during the debate,” said sophomore Jackson Gardner. “I was in a room with a lot of students from different schools, so I had to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself.”

Given that the conference is the IU campus, it allows students to get a closer look at campus life and possibly find an interest in attending IU.


“It was fun being able to see the campus and it felt like I was in college,” said Gardner. “I ran into a couple of people I know who graduated last year and it made me excited to go to college one day.”

While many students are familiar with the IU campus, it can be hard for students to anticipate exactly how it will go. Many students, though,  ultimately enjoyed it.

“I am looking forward to meeting more new people and making more friends,” said Parikh. “Since this was my first Model UN conference, I was not as prepared as I wanted to be, so next time I plan to have a lot more research about my country. It really was a great experience going on and I am really happy I had the opportunity to go.”