Choirs prepare for their final show of the year

Sophie Freeland and Brenna Emerson | Staff Writers

Tease your hair, do your makeup, and get those rhinestones! That’s right, it’s almost time for our school’s annual Spring Spectacular! Every year show choirs put on a final show for everyone to come and enjoy with something new to offer.

“Each year is a different theme,” junior Sound System member Elena Eberwine said. “A couple years ago was ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ last year it was ‘Chicago’ and this year’s theme is ‘Hoosier Hysteria.’”

The Hoosier Hysteria theme this year includes a mix of old favorites and new pop music.

As a member of Debtones, the all female award-winning choir, Junior Lauren Cooley said that the theme includes “pieces from Indiana’s own,: John Mellencamp, Cole Porter and Michael Jackson. We also include a section dedicated to the Indy 500.”

There is a lot of time, preparation and rhinestones that go into the final show of the year, keeping these students busy.

“We practice just about every day for two weeks on stage to prepare for the show,” Eberwine said.

The show is produced by all of the show choirs together and also accompanied by a special guest to make for a bigger and better performance and experience.

“All of the show choirs will be doing multiple singing and dancing numbers, while ‘CG Singers’ and the beginning choirs will help to feature and sing back up for the guest Josh Kaufman, winner of The Voice,” Eberwine said.

Being the last show of the year, it can be a very emotional one, especially for the seniors.

“The show is typically staged with seniors at the front, to give them a great last show on the high school stage,” Cooley said.

Spring Spectacular is an annual event so make sure to get tickets to assure a seat for an unforgettable experience.



Students raise money for Champions Together through Chick-Fil-A fundraiser

Graham Kanwit | Staff Writer

Today, students will be able to enjoy sandwiches, salads, cookies and shakes from Chick-Fil-A as part of the Special Olympics’ Champions Together fundraiser. The items will be delivered during STaR, and 20-25 extra sandwiches may be available for purchase during lunch.

“We’re trying to raise money for the Special Olympics’ Champions Together banner,” Unified Track Coach Holly Hirsch-White said. “We have to get $1,500 to get the banner. We’re [as of May 6] about halfway to our goal.”

The money raised will go toward Special Olympics of Indiana. While this money does not directly go benefit the school, donating demonstrates the school’s support for inclusion.

“It shows that we are a school that believes in inclusion and we have activities that allow all types of students to participate,” Assistant Principal Tracy McMahen said.

The banner is one of four requirements to become a Champions Together school; the other requirements include organizing and participating in at least one unified sport, conducting at least one school-wide activity to promote awareness and respect and establishing a leadership program with students who have disabilities. Center Grove has met the other three requirements through unified track, the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign and Best Buddies & peer tutoring.

“We are already doing all the pieces that show we believe in inclusion,” McMahen said. “This fundraiser just highlights [our support] by giving recognition to programs that help people with intellectual disabilities.”

Hirsch-White, who is organizing the Chick-Fil-A fundraiser, agrees.

“Champions Together and Special Olympics pair people with intellectual disabilities with those [without disabilities] in activities. Here all we have is track, but there are lots of other unified sports,” Hirsch-White said. “It’s just a partnership between Special Olympics and IHSAA. We really want to build more community between people with and without intellectual disabilities.”

Besides the fundraiser, students can support athletes with disabilities by joining unified track or the unified sports club next year, or attending the unified track team’s sectional meet at Edgewood on May 18.

Meet the Sophomore Class President

Aaron Toland | Staff Writer

Last week, current freshman Sahil Sura was officially elected sophomore class president. As sophomore class president, Sura’s main responsibility will be the planning of the annual homecoming dance.

Q: Why did you decide to run for sophomore class president?

A: “I decided to run for class president because I want to help students with problems and because I want to take input from the students and make them happen in the school.”

Q: Did your sister being senior class president impact your decision to run for sophomore class president?

A:“My sister being senior class president definitely did have an impact on my decision because she told me to try it and that I’d get to make new friends, meet new people and also have a better relationship with my teachers.”

Q: What will your role as sophomore class president be?

A: “As class president, I will be responsible for asking students what ideas they have for Homecoming and combining those ideas to make something greater.”   

Q: What has prepared you for being class president?

A: “A previous leadership position I had was being on the drivetrain sub-team for robotics. This has prepared me for being class president because I had to talk to the mentors about the drivetrain and communicate with my teammates and other teams from around the state. Being in student council and NJHS in middle school helped me become the leader I am today because it made me realize that I could help the school and community in anyway I could.”

Q: What plans do you have for your term as class president?

A: “I have already thought about some specific themes for Homecoming. Other than Homecoming, I do have some plans in mind for my class and maybe even the school if allowed.”