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Roach’s Rhythm

Most of us listen to a song and are amazed by the vocals, the smooth guitar, the beating drums or the powerful lyrics.  Few of us take the time and think about everything that had to be put into that song, the person behind the scenes who puts […]

Growing Pains

This past July a new driving statute was passed by the Indiana Government. It allowed drivers to obtain their license at 16 and 3 months instead of the previous 16 and 6 months. “I was so happy that they changed the law, waiting to get my license was […]

Testing Travesty

Unsuspecting sophomores arrived to school last August ready to learn and do well in the new school year. However, a surprise awaited these students. The ISTEP test they had been taking since they were third graders and had been told ended for them as eighth graders, now extends […]