Brown’s Beats

By: Isabella Brownlee

It’s just like any other school day; teachers are buzzing desk-to-desk, teaching students who have barely gotten an hour of sleep. Students talk with their friends and act as if life is anything but a struggle. Nathan Brown can be seen shrugged into his seat with a pair of headphones drowning out the outside world. These days seem to blur together, the only way out through the lyrics and beats of the music.

“Not a lot of people know about my SoundCloud that I made with my friends,” Brown said. “When people find out they immediately go and check it out because I think it’s a shocker that someone like me would make music.”

Brown, a senior, produces music using his own lyrics and collaborates with friends who have also taken a part in it. Brown believes that the music is just another way for him and his friends to have fun and cure boredom.

“Making music with my friends is a way I can be creative,” Brown said. “It’s like no matter if it’s the best or the worst it still shows that I tried.”

Toward the beginning of his music career, Brown was unsure of how to create the beats and add the lyrics in order for it to flow properly. However, with much practice and help from his friends, Brown has created a personal SoundCloud account with multiple hits.

“Sometimes while I’m listening to music it makes me feel creative,” Brown said. “I think of short phrases and beats that could become a song I can produce. It’s where I just want to write but sometimes – like right now – I don’t have the words or at least the words I want.”

Although Brown was at first focused on having fun and creating music, he felt that his writing had become stronger than before. Earlier this month, Brown found himself an internship with the Daily Journal where he writes for the sports article.

“Writing for the Journal isn’t really hard but it isn’t something that you just do without putting in the effort,” Brown said. “I enjoy writing so when I heard about the job I thought I’d at least try it and see what would come out of it.”

Brown says that not many people know who the real “Nathan” is outside of school. He can be found writing for the Journal two to three times a week and on the side is continually searching for the words that will produce a one hit wonder.


“Nobody really thought of me as a “sports” guy but I think I’m pretty good at it,” Brown said. “It’s all about trying new things because I think it helps doing things you’re not familiar with. Once you do things over and over you’re no longer are afraid of it.”

Today, Brown can be seen in the back of a classroom quietly focusing on his words and the music that runs through his veins. He says he looks forward to the future and what will come, whether it involves his music and writing or something completely different.  

All Things New

The new media center is projected to open after Fall Break, according to new librarian Angie Cox.


Central room of the library under construction

“We’re in the process of getting furniture delivered; obviously we have to get the books and computers set up, but we are getting very close,” Cox said.

Cox envisions a completely different set-up for the media center to go along with its new look.

“A quiet library makes me sleepy,” Cox said.  “I want kids to feel welcome to come in here and collaborate with their classmates.”


Angie Cox and Adam Robinson welcome students to the new media center at the circulation desk

The media center will allow students to connect their Ipad screens to a TV monitor, similar to what a teacher can do with their classroom multi-media system.

“When you go to college, [the library] is a very different place,”. Audio-Visual Coordinator Adam Robinson said. “This environment reminds me more of a college library.”


Construction on the café is almost complete

The media center is directly connected to a café, which will be run by food services.  It is set to open at the end of September.

“[The café] will be serving muffins, coffee, pastries, and possibly smoothies,” Robinson said.  “It will be open from seven to two every day.”

Because the cafe is run by the cafeteria staff, students can use their ID to purchase goods.

“The new media center and cafe will be set up for comfortable studying,” Cox said.


The snack bar will have bar stools for students who want to grab a snack before class


If you’re disappointed by the fact that there will no longer be construction in the media center, not to worry.  There’s still a beautiful view of dirt and heavy duty equipment outside of the Vandermeer Gym.

September 13: Day of Caring and Senior Seminar

Jessica Kelly | Staff Writer

Click on the photo below and scroll through to see what Juniors and Seniors did yesterday during Day of Caring and Senior Seminar. Juniors spent the day out in the community, giving back with community service, while seniors met in the auditorium with Keith Hawkings to talk about how to make the most out of senior year.

September 13
Collaborators: Kaia Hunter, Gracie Marsh, Ella Sutton, Kara Nussbaum and Jessica Kelly

Time for Three Makes Time for Us

Charles Yang, Ranaan Meyer and Nick Kendall perform a mashup of Britney Spears and Vivaldi. The group, called Time for Three, performed for various CG and and orchestra members.

Charles Yang, Ranaan Meyer and Nick Kendall play a mashup of Britney Spears and Vivaldi. The group, called Time for Three, performed for various CG and and orchestra members on Sept. 12.

Jessica Kelly | Staff Writer

Violinists Nick Kendall and Charles Yang perform and tour with double-bassist Ranaan Meyer as the trio called Time for Three. Since Yang joined the group they have even included vocals in their newest song, which was performed today for the first time. One of their passions is mixing modern and classical music, such as Britney Spears’ “Toxic” with Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.”

Another passion of Time for Three is outreach programs, something they do frequently with high schools. That is why the trio took time out of their busy schedule to perform for and with the Philharmonic and Symphonic Orchestras.

Michelle Cai plays “Sun Valley Reel” on the violin under the instruction of Time for Three.

“Today is a two part visit. For the first thirty minutes they [Time for Three] perform[ed] a little bit for 200 students who are in [the auditorium], and they stop[ped] between pieces for Q and A, and then the orchestra class[es] came on stage and [spent] their orchestra period working through a piece that they are learning that Time for Three plays,” program and communications director for the learning community of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Perry Acctturo said. “We are actually here thanks to the Arts Council of Greater Greenwood. They teamed up with Mallow Run Winery to provide this opportunity to Center Grove High School students.”

The piece that the orchestras worked on with Time for Three, called “Sun Valley Reel,” was mailed to them weeks before. Philharmonic and Symphonic worked on the piece separately in class then joined today to learn from Time for Three.

Nick Kendall looks over Jonathan Hummel’s shoulder to understand how the measures are written on the students’ sheets so he can instruct them on where to start.

“It’s a pretty cool piece and it has some stuff that we have not done before, like how we do not do concerts that feature soloists that much,” Will Peck said. “It was just really awesome to get to perform with them because that is not something we have ever done before.”

“We got to learn different ways of practicing music and increasing technique,” Jillian Starr said.

As a modern and inventive orchestra group, some of the students had heard or even seen the trio play before today.

“It was really cool because I have seen them in concert a few times and they have always been really an idol [of mine] and really awesome,” Morgan Perry said. “It was just a really cool experience to get to play with them.”

Band members could not perform with Time for Three because they do not play orchestra instruments, however they did get to attend the concert during STaR. Anyone can learn from dedicated musicians such as Kendall, Yang and Meyer, whether they play an instrument or not.

“I think, even if you don’t play and instrument, hearing a musician at the caliber that we have musicians [at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra] because they’re professionals, hearing them play their instrument one-on-one and talk to you about their journey: there are so many things that are relatable to that, even if you don’t play,” Acctturo said. “I learned so much from taking musicians out to classrooms and watching them present, and I don’t play an instrument, but it helped me appreciate the art form more and I learned so much about things that are transferable to anything.”

Find out what she is talking about when Time for Three plays at Hilbert Circle Theater, September 15. Doors open at 5:00 pm and the concert starts at 6:30 pm.

Collaborators: Jessica Kelly, Bailee Leathers, Zach Peters and Akul Vijayvargiya

Publications Staff Senior Farewells

It is the last day of school and a few of our graduating staff members have some last words for CG. Click an image to read the full farewell.

The Last Hurrah: Band Concert 5/19/16 and Awards

By: Annie Hering