Senior signs with modeling agency, plans to be professional model

Hannah Hatfield | Staff Writer

Feature image courtesy of Polina Osherov Photography

Senior Emma Smith has a passion for modeling and is on the way to being a professional.

At 15, Smith began to realize that she had a serious passion for modeling, and she started searching for a way to find some connections in the industry.

“My modeling career started when I was scouted at the Keystone Fashion Mall by a model scout,” Smith said.

Soon after she was scouted, Smith began meeting with different agencies and setting up photo shoots. The first agency Smith signed with was SEEN models.

“I loved working with SEEN but I needed to get out of Indy,” Smith said. “I am in the process of signing with an agency in LA. I see a lot more potential for me with this agency.”

After working with SEEN, she hopes that other agencies will be interested in her work.

“A dream of mine would be to model for Victoria Secret,” Smith said. “I would also love to walk for Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Louis Vuitton. I definitely do think if things go as planned in my modeling career I could get there.”

While Smith has had some success, she believes her looks could get in the way of future jobs.

“I have brown hair and brown eyes which are very common features for models, Smith said. “It can be hard to get into shows, shoots or other agencies because of stuff like that.”

However, she does not plan to let that stop her anytime soon.

“You have to be confident,” Smith said. “It’s a key in modeling to have power and strength. You will have bumps in the road, but when you fall down, you have to get right back up and work hard.”

Junior looks to form new bowling club

Maggie Eley | Staff Writer

Junior Rowan Palmer took a family trip and ended up finding her passion for a new sport.

“When I was in Colorado we went out to go bowling just for fun,” Palmer said. “I saw people playing competitively and I thought that was interesting and became determined to get better at it.”

When she got back home, she began practicing and bowling more often.

“I would go out and bowl for fun, but then I began to get competitive about it,” Palmer said. “Then one day a guy at the bowling alley asked if I was interested in joining a league.”

Since then she’s been bowling for six years and competing in tournaments. Over the years she’s won first, second, and third place team awards and placed third in the 2016 Deloris M. Webb memorial Youth Tournament. She now wants to bring her passion and talent for the sport to CG.

“I want to start a bowling league here so I can introduce more people to the sport, and that bowling is more than just a fun activity to do on a Saturday,” Palmer said. “I am waiting to hear back from [Assistant Principal Tracy] McMahen, but I would love it if we could go out and practice once a week. ”

Indiana High School Bowling runs a competitive state-wide lead with conferences and a state tournament, with over 200 Indiana high schools fielding teams. Local schools such as Franklin Community, Greenwood, Whiteland and Perry Meridian already have teams competing. Center Grove used to have a team, but after 2006 they got rid of it. The previous members of the club had graduated and they could not find more people to make a team.

For Palmer, forming a bowling club just makes sense. In doing so, Palmer can create lifelong memories and new friendships.  

“The sport has connected me with so many new people and it’s something you can always get better at,” Palmer said. “I think it’s a club we should definitely start at Center Grove that students would benefit from.”


STaR classes celebrate Friendsgiving before break

Lucas Kroll | Staff Writer

Today begins a week of vacation, but before students leave, many will celebrate Friendsgiving with their STaRs.

Science teacher Tim Eddy and his senior STaR class are having a Thanksgiving-themed party to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

“We are having a big party for Thanksgiving. Everyone is bringing in the usual sodas and chips, but we are also bringing Thanksgiving foods like chicken and apple pie. We are going to eat, chill, and watch the Thanksgiving episode of ‘The Office,’” senior Garrett Lane said.

Eddy’s STaR plans to go all out for their feast because this is the last time they will get to spend Thanksgiving together.

“It’s our senior year. We want to enjoy it the most we can, and STaR parties are always fun,” senior Stephanie Koch said.

Eddy and his seniors aren’t the only ones celebrating Thanksgiving during STaR this week.

Science teacher Andy Kominowski and his STaR class are also having a Thanksgiving party but with a Charlie Brown theme. Kominowski and his students have planned to bring in food from the actual movie.

“We were just sitting around and came up with the idea on the spot. We are planning on bringing in jellybeans, buttered toast and popcorn,” Kominowski said.

Along with Charlie Brown-themed items, their class will also be bringing in a lot of other different foods.

“We have a bunch of people bringing in food. People are bringing ice cream and a bunch of different snacks. It’s going to be similar to most of our STaR parties except for the fact that everyone is contributing and we have a fun theme,” senior Chase Ross said.

Whether students are contributing to a STaR buffet or preparing for Thanksgiving next week, this week marks the beginning of the holiday season.

Junior transfers to CG; stars in musical and joins show choir

Emma Red | Staff Writer

After transferring to CG from Greenfield,  junior Nathan McBride has quickly found his place in the school. After joining Sound System and starring in the school musical, McBride believes he has made a home in Center Grove.

“It was hard at first because I pretty much knew no one, but Center Grove has been a really open, welcoming place, so it’s been a nice transition. The people have made it very easy,” McBride said.

McBride initially moved because his dad got a new job, but after hearing of Center Grove’s music department, he found that the move ended up benefiting him too.

“I’m in Sound System, so that’s been a huge part of my time here,” said McBride. “It’s one of the reasons I decided to come here, specifically. The choir program at my old school wasn’t as good, and I obviously enjoy being good, as one does, so being in that program was kinda hard for me. Sound System has been awesome.” 

Along with his work in show choir, McBride also had the opportunity to participate in the fall musical, “The Wizard of Oz,” where he played the Cowardly Lion. Playing a lead role required him to be at rehearsal nearly every day after 9 p.m. in weeks leading up to the show. During this time, McBride believes he got to learn a lot about working in the theatre. He was able to spend time making new friends with the cast and crew members.

“I’ve never been able to do a musical before because at Greenfield, they’re always in the spring, and I’m a pole vaulter on the track team. The musical being in the fall here is great for me. I’m very happy to have had this whole experience. It’s just crazy how I’ve already done so much here,” McBride said.

AP Language and Composition students learn about Pop Culture

Dylan Godsave & Victoria Sykes| Website Editors

Over the last week, students in AP Language and Composition have been learning about pop culture. They recently started a project using their AP scoring guide to rank topics in pop culture that pertain to anything from Broadway shows to school lunches.

“This project gives us a way to show our own personalities and interests,” Donnie Conrad ‘20 said. “Our topic is open to our interpretation but sticks to the guidelines of our pop culture studies.”

English teacher David Lawson gave students the opportunity to express their likes and dislikes as they chose their own topics and used posters to apply their knowledge throughout the project.

“Our group’s topic is Broadway musicals, and we chose musicals since we were all familiar with them,” Ben Johnson ‘20 said. “We judged the rankings on the acting, plot, and soundtracks of each musical, and also there is the hidden factor of how well the show went according to the public.”

Students believed they learned valuable knowledge that helped them better grasp pop culture and apply it to their AP scoring guide.

“We’re applying our AP knowledge to this project by making sure that when we rate our foods, we’re using a AP style grading rubric and kind of using the format of what someone would use to grade an essay,” Shreya Parikh ‘20 said.

During the remainder of the semester, students in AP Language and Composition will work to learn how pop culture affects society and how society is perceived because of it. This class pushes students to excel in critical thinking and writing.