Junior learns how to write again after serious injury

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“I remember looking down at my hand in fear and just screaming because the everything happened so quickly,” Ebert said.

Junior Caitlyn Ebert dislocated her hand from a fall on a trampoline, but little did she know that this injury would change her life forever.

“I was on a trampoline and the trampoline was extended when I fell, and so the force of the trampoline against my hand coming up during my fall caused it to dislocate,” Ebert said. “I can’t feel anything from the wrist down anymore.”

Even now, Ebert faced many struggles throughout her journey of recovery in her hand.

“The hardest part was probably trying to stay calm because my friends and family have never really seen me fall apart,” Ebert said. “I am usually the stronger person and I have stayed calm through it all and It was really difficult because It was the most pain I have ever been through.”

The recovery has been long and painful for Ebert in the process of getting her hand back to normal.

“This is an 8-week recovery and I am still going to a surgeon often now,” Ebert said. “I still have pain all the time, every day.”

The steps to recovering her broken hand are painful and difficult, but she continues to push through it with the motivation and encouragement of her family and friends.

“Norah Armstrong has been the biggest support because she actually witnessed the dislocation,” Ebert said. “She is one of the sweetest girls and she has helped me through so much because I lost so much that I loved.”  

Ebert has slowly been able to retrain her hand to write and do small tasks.

“To learn how to write I had to re-teach my fingers how to curl and retrain my hand to actually hold a pencil,” Ebert said. “From there I had these really big pencils with three grips and slowly took the grips down as my hand got more ability to move.”

Retraining her hand was not something Ebert always wanted to do, but It had to be done to maintain the movement in her wrist and fingers.

“In order to actually improve my handwriting, every day I just had to sit down and work at it,” Ebert said. “My handwriting went from very hard to read, to somewhat readable now.”

Although the entire experience has been emotional and stressful, Ebert has had a goal throughout her whole journey to recovery, which was to learn how to write again.  Before the accident, Ebert loved to draw and write, and with everything she had lost, she was determined to do these once again.


“I remembered how much I loved creative writing and drawing. I just missed it so much and It was such a big part of me,” Ebert said. “I know I couldn’t get back volleyball with the condition my hand was in, so learning how to write again would be getting back a part of me that I lost and I would still get to do what I love.”

Though Ebert said, “it is absolutely crazy to be 17 and having to reteach your hand how to write,” she continues to work hard to meet her goals and get back to doing the things she loves to do.

The dangers of vaping

CG Pubs has a special team that has been investigating vaping at Center Grove. Whether or not it is dangerous, and whether or not it is a problem.  

Out of 70 times that we checked random bathrooms during the school day, we found 37 instances of students vaping, which is 52%.

“I think it’s a new thing so kids want to try, so it has been an issue here but it has been an issue everywhere in the community from adults all the way to kids under the age of eighteen,” chief of CGPD Ray Jackson said.

One reason vaping has grown in popularity is that it is often advertised as being safe and harmless. Common vaping sites spout statistics like E-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking. One thing that is confusing is that E-cigarettes are marketed toward former smokers. Those ads say that E-cigarettes and vaping are better alternatives to cigarettes; Kevin Bogenschutz, a physician’s assistant in a pulmonologist office on Indy’s west side, believes vaping has some positives, but for people–and especially teens– who don’t transition from smoking to vaping, it can be hazardous.

“Is it safer than smoking? Yes, that’s what it seems to be. Is it a good alternative? You hate to say it is a good alternative but it is a better alternative than smoking actual cigarettes,” Bogenschutz said.

However, it is not a good alternative for people who start vaping after being a nonsmoker. A study released in March from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that chemicals in E-cigarettes have been linked to cancer-causing substances, or carcinogens, and are particularly dangerous for teen users.

“They all have different mixtures of things including diacetyl, which is one thing that you have to watch out for. Different things that can cause inflammation, different flavorings, and different mixtures of flavorings all have different components in them,” Bogenschutz said.

“Adolescent E-cigarette only users have levels of 5 volatile organic compound toxicants detected in their urine in quantities up to 3x greater than in matched controls.” Which means people who vape have three times more of the amount of these cancer-causing substances in them.

Even if you don’t vape, second hand vaping is a real problem. The Environmental Protection Agency cites one chemical in E-cigarettes can lead to a higher diagnosis of lung cancer from airborne concentrations. They also cite that at room temperature it can cause skin irritation, respiratory irritation, and eye irritation even after evaporating.

You may be sitting there thinking that just because your vape doesn’t have nicotine it is safe, but that is not true.

“An interesting article came out about how there are different types of white blood cells and one of them is monocytes, which can be an inflammation marker. The inhalation of E-liquids can increase these monocytes, which is basically an increased biomarker of inflammation,” Bogenschutz said. “Fibrosis, COPD, and asthma can exacerbate these problems from the flavoring chemicals. E-liquids may be safer for ingestion but as far as inhalation, heating up the liquid heating up your lungs, is where people are more skeptical about it. It is the flavorings that you really have to watch out for because they can increase inflammation markers.”  

One chemical is called propylene oxide which is an extremely flammable substance that is listed as possibly carcinogenic to humans and used to make plastic. Another chemical is crotonaldehyde which produces toxic vapors at room temperature and is used in the preparation of leather tanning and in chemical warfare.

“Researchers at Harvard found that 39 out of 51 E-cigarette brands contain diacetyl, as well as two similarly harmful chemicals and 92% of E-cigarettes have a couple of these chemicals present,” Bogenschutz said.

Cancer and bronchial conditions sound scary. And if you are sitting there with asthma this is particularly dangerous.

Vaping is not harmless, CG. For those of you who do it, you need to know the risks. Today’s story was one of a two-part series that explores the consequences of vaping. Tune in on Thursday for the next part of our series.


Can’t Stop the Jorts

*Due to the graphic nature of this topic, viewer discretion is advised.*

The Friday before ‘Senior Week’ is better known by its thigh squeezing, quad exposing, infamous counterpart- Jorts Day.

Even the name makes the most seasoned teachers cringe, striking fear into the hearts of those who dare to venture the halls on this day.

“I can’t un-see what I see on Jorts Day,” English teacher Casey Tedrow said.

Participating boys descend upon the Hall of Excellence like a pack of wolves. The potency of their jean shorts is concentrated by traveling together.  Their goal?  Maximum eye damage.


Eli Baker, Will Boston, and Connor Noble sport their jorts (2015)

If you spot a native jorts wearer, remain calm.  They sense fear and will prey on your disgust.

Like any hot-button topic, Jorts inspires multitudes of feelings.

“[Jorts Day] is like Vanilla Ice, a stain on American Culture,”  History teacher John Frank said.

A few senior boys would counter, arguing that Jorts are a pillar of American virtue.

“Jorts are the beautiful backbone of this country,” senior Bailey Barrett said.

To the senior boys, Jorts Day is the inaugural event in the celebration of high school graduation.

“Jorts bring out the beauty within us all,” senior Hunter Dotson said.

The day is continually celebrated by chants during passing periods and a massive gathering of all Jort-wearers in the Hall of Excellence at the 2:50 bell.

“Denim: it brings people together usually but when coupled with too much thigh exposure it drives us apart,”  Spanish teacher Adam Gaff said.

Prepare yourself Center Grove, the Jort-pocalypse is upon us.


Update 5/13/2016: Jorts Day 2016

Pictures by: Chloe Tyson

The Real Super Bowl Competition: Commercials

By Annie Gillum

From the years past, there have been many memorable Super Bowl commercials, some more popular than others, but nonetheless they are usually fun to watch. This year’s commercials were no different. A commercial that garnered a lot of attention from viewers was the Heinz Weiner Dog commercial. It was advertising the Heinz ketchup and mustard in a unique way that made many viewers love it and really want the product.


“My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Heinz ketchup one. The little weiner dogs were so cute. I really liked all of the commercials this year,” Jessica Miller said.


The video that was voted one of the worst was the puppy monkey baby commercial. It was the most talked about commercial that made people just uncomfortable because of the way it was made. The tune of the song was also somewhat catchy so that made the people watching remember it the most.


“When the puppy monkey commercial came on, I was confused because it was so odd. I started laughing when I heard the song because it was annoying but catchy at the same time,” Julia Stockman said.


My personal favorite this year was the Doritos Dogs commercial. It was about a couple of dogs that wanted in the grocery store to get the Doritos, but the owner would not let them. At the end of it you see the dogs dressed in human clothes and finally get the chips. The man that wrote this commercial was actually from Indiana and he went to Franklin College. It was the 10th year for Dorito’s Super Bowl commercial contest and the winner got $1,000,000.


However, the Doritos and the Heinz commercials did not appeal to everyone. Different commercials attract different people.


“My favorite commercial from the Super Bowl was the one with Kevin Hart when he gave the keys of his car to his daughter’s date to track the car and follow them around,” Maddie Hollinden said, referencing the commercial that took first place in USA Today’s poll on best Super Bowl commercials.


From weiner dogs to Broncos linebackers, the Super Bowl entertained many people on Sunday night, football fans and commercial fans alike.

Power-trio to Take on Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Parker Ferguson

Super Bowl 50, today, will feature the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers with an estimated 125 million people tuning in to watch. The attention seems to be swirling around the headliners of the event, like the potential of this being Peyton Manning’s last game or the Carolina Panther’s first ever franchise Super Bowl victory.
However, there is something more to this American sport finale that brings in hundreds of millions of people. The average NFL Sunday game usually brings in about 17 million viewers worldwide. Why is it that the Super Bowl brings in seven times the normal viewership?
Sure, it’s the finale of the season with the two best teams squaring off, but the real reason for its incredible viewership isn’t even a part of the game.
The key to the Super Bowl happens between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. It’s the Halftime Show.
This year’s halftime show is another star-studded event, featuring ColdPlay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars. This halftime trio has sold over 130 millions albums world-wide collectively and are all multi-grammy awarded artists. This will be ColdPlay’s first time before a crowd at the Super Bowl, while Beyoncé and Bruno Mars have performed at the game as recently as 2013 and 2014.
There will likely be timeless hits like Viva La Vada, Halo, Single Ladies and The Lazy Song performed for the packed stadium in the Bay. But something we have never seen before and a noise we’ve never heard will keep us glued to our screens this Super Bowl halftime. One of the most iconic alternative rock groups thus far into the 21st Century teaming up with the queen of Hip-Hop and R&B, Beyoncé, and the newest sensation in Pop, Bruno Mars, will certainly be must-see TV.
So during this Super Bowl Sunday, while there is a game between two teams, watch for the real entertainment coming the 15 minutes between the first and second half. Sparks will be flying, crowds will be cheering and three bright stars will be performing… all at once.

Panthers and Broncos to Face Off in Superbowl 50

Feb. 7 marks the 50th Super Bowl. The AFC champion Denver Broncos (14-4) will square off against the NFC champion Carolina Panthers (17-1) at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, with kickoff scheduled for 6:30 p.m. The Broncos are coming off of a stellar defensive performance against defending Super Bowl champions New England Patriots, winning the AFC Championship 20-18, while the Panthers are coming off of two dominant performances over the Seattle Seahawks 31-24 and the Arizona Cardinals 49-15. With Cam Newton leading the way for Carolina against the relentless Denver defense, it is sure to be a Super Bowl for the ages.


The Panthers are in the midst of their most successful season in franchise history with a nearly perfect record. They won 14 straight games before falling to the Atlanta Falcons, 13-20. Since then they have won three games in electrifying fashion. Quarterback Cam Newton is considered by most to be the best player in football today, and is the favorite to win the MVP. He has thrown for 3,837 yards, 35 touchdowns and 10 interceptions while also rushing for 636 yards and 10 touchdowns. Newton’s top target is tight end Greg Olsen who has 1,104 receiving yards and seven touchdowns; he also has speedy receiver Ted Ginn with 739 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns this year. Carolina’s offensive attack also includes their workhorse running back Jonathan Stewart who has rushed for 989 yards and six touchdowns this season.


The Broncos have had, yet again, another successful season full of big wins. However their leader and quarterback Peyton Manning has had perhaps his worst statistical season in his career. Granted he only played in 10 games, he passed for 2249 yards, nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions. This past season has not resembled the Peyton Manning of previous years, but he has been able to get the job done so far with the help of his defense. Denver’s defense is considered by most the best in the league, holding opponents to just 18.5 points per game. Their defense features outside linebacker Von Miller who has 11 sacks, along with inside linebackers Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan who both have recorded over 100 tackles, and cornerback Aqib Talib with three interceptions this season.


These teams match up very interestingly, considering they have opposite strengths. The Panthers average 31.2 points a game while the Broncos only allow 18.5. Where the Panthers have been underrated is their defensive production, they still only allow 19.2 points per game to their opponents. The Broncos only score about 22.2 points a game, and this is where they look weaker as an overall team. In order for Denver to win, Manning must put up points one way or another to keep up with Newton. I think Denver can trust their defense to limit Newton and the Panthers to under 30 points. In order for the Panthers to prevail, they must protect Newton and mix up their offensive plays to keep Denver guessing. The Broncos defense needs to do everything they can to frustrate Newton, which means sacks and interceptions.


My Prediction: Panthers 27, Broncos 17

The game will come down to strategy and execution. Who will show up to win? We’ll find out Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m.