Animal Friends at Central 9

Senior Taylor Houpt joined C9’s veterinary program with a love of animals. “It gives you an idea of what you would be doing if you went into the career. I love working with the animals that people bring in, and I meet students from different schools,” said Houpt. […]

AP Art Students

Senior Brittanie Baird first realized she had art talent in the third grade. “I’ve been drawing forever, like since I could pick up crayons and whatnot,” Baird said. “I won an art award and I got to go downtown and see these really cool pieces up on these […]

Trojan Tickets

Trojan Tickets give students new incentive There is a new incentive this semester for students to do good deeds and treat others with respect. “Hey, Sydney, do you know what these little pink tickets are? I just got one for picking up the trash,” Parker Ferguson ‘17 said. […]

Hahn Takes the Court Again

The lights glare on the court, the sneakers squeak against the floor as the athletes move toward the basket. The coach looks at his team with desperation hoping to beat the enemy at last. The players work together as a fluid motion, copying each other’s movements as the […]