Jake Keith

By: Sorin Martin

Sophomore Jake Keith loves football. To him football is more than a sport, it is a way of life. Keith has played football since he was in kindergarten, and with that much dedication to a sport, it ceases to be a game.

“It is something to do and I like to be fit,” Keith said about the game.

Jake Keith covers the wide receiver in the game against Carmel.

Jake Keith covers the wide receiver in the game against Carmel.

Keith plays cornerback for the varsity football team where he also sees action on special teams.

Football has not just taught Keith how to run with a ball, it  has taught him how to live life.

“It taught me to be a team player and to have a brother.” Keith said. “[Football] has taught me how to be a man and work hard for what you want.”

As a cornerback Keith plays zone defense and blocks receivers. On special teams Keith is part of the kick off return. He is usually on the front lines and in position to return onside kicks.

When Keith is not on the football field for a game, he is at a practice. At practice Keith said that everything is very organized. The team goes through individual drills and then they move to team drills. Because Keith is on the defense he said that the coaches usually tell him and other defensive players how the upcoming opponent’s offense works.

He says this because football takes up so much of his time in a day. When school breaks come along, Keith does not run off to the beach right away, but instead he stays at home and goes to football practice. He said that it is harder over breaks because it is harder for him to get rides home because he cannot drive yet.

Football is more than a game. To Keith it is his life. Football is a way to exercise, it is a way to learn, and a way to manage things. Keith plays football, not for fame or glory, but because it is something that he loves.

“It has just been a great experience,” Keith said.

Color Guard “Moving Forward” Preview

Color GuardThe Color Guard is having a preview show on Saturday, January 31 at 7 p.m. in the Vandy Gym. The team has been working on the show since December 2, 2014 under the direction of Keith Potter.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the audiences reaction to the show and how it impacts them,” junior Chloe Kenney said. “It’s a good start to a new year and I’m excited to see where it goes.”

The show is based on “Moving Forward,” a show about the relationship between coaches and their students. The Color Guard team is doing the preview in order to perform in front of a crowd before officially performing competitively at a real show later in the season.

“This year’s show is very intense and a lot of hard work,” junior Maggie Kilbourne said. “It’s our first winter season with a new director and its going really well. I’m so excited for our first show because all of us are super confident. We are going to make a great comeback this year!”