Spring Break

Photo by: Anita Martinz from Wikimedia Commons

Story by: Ryan Stemle

It is that time of the year again. The sun rises over an infinite sea of royal blue waters, and there is nothing to do besides bask in the spring break feeling that only comes around once a year. The tons of stress on all of our shoulders is lifted for an incredible two-week break.


 The Music Department is taking a group of show choir students to New York over spring break. They are not competing, but performing. They have prepared a piece for clinicians to look at and give feedback. Senior Sound System member Shayfer Sutton is very excited about the trip.


  “I’ve never been to New York City before,” Sutton said. “So I am very excited to go for the first time with all of my friends.”


  Other students are left in the dust of the mass exodus.


  “I am very disappointed that my family isn’t letting me go anywhere,” junior Logan Coyle said. “But I am not going to take this beautiful Indiana weather for granted.”


  Coyle is one of many students having a staycation this break.


  “I am so upset about not going anywhere,” junior Dan Root said. “But no school is no school, and I love that.”


  For traveling students, a popular spring break destination for is Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. This booming city is a popular spot for high school and college students.


“Ft. Myers is a great destination to hang out with my current Center Grove friends,” senior Harrison Holt said. “But it’s also great because I meet so many new people.”


“I love Ft. Myers because it is a wonderful place to take in the beauty of nature,” senior Connor Steeb said. “There is no doubt that Ft. Myers is a beautiful beach full of beautiful people.”


Spring break is upon us. As you countdown the final hours of school, remember to be safe and responsible this spring break.


Wrestling Sectionals

The wrestling team has gone on to place fifth in the MIC Tournament with senior wrestlers placing seventh, fourth, and second respectively.

The sectional tournament took place at Mooresville High School on January 31. The team won the championship, taking its first sectional title since 2007. Sophomore Logan Coyle, junior Zak Siddiqui and freshman Jonah Hays all placed second in the finals round.

Ten wrestlers will move on to Regionals, and every wrestler took spot in the placement round. Regionals will take place February 7 at Mooresville High School.

The wrestling team held senior night festivities on January 21, in the West Gym. The team recognized four senior members prior to the last home match of the season against the Plainfield Quakers.

“Our Seniors (at CG) are important to every sport and organization in the high school. For us they provide a sense of leadership and a lot of experience,” Cale Hoover, varsity coach said. “They’ve been through the grind of the season and competed in the sectional before so they understand the pressure. They really play a huge role and their experience is invaluable, as we get ready for sectionals.“

Experience is valuable to the success of the team. Senior Trevor Johnson has learned to put the team first during his senior season.

“In the beginning of the year I had a shoulder injury, so I was out for a few months and in my weight class, 170 pounds, another wrestler took it,” said Johnson. “We had a spot open at 195 pounds when I was cleared.  Instead of wrestling at 170 pounds, I decided to step up and help the team.”

Being a senior is a challenge but also brings  another chance to win a state title. Senior Zach Blevins looks forward to the end of the season tournaments.

“Being a senior this year is completely different from the rest of my high school career,” Blevins said. “There’s more pressure on you to do better lead the team and really push yourself because it is the last year to make a name for yourself.”