Senior Advice for Finals

Compiled by: Madey Jacks

Finals week is coming and freshmen have only hearsay to make judgements on. What steps can freshmen take to triumph over their finals? Seniors Abby Ogle and Ryan Grinsell provide insight for freshmen and reveal some common pitfalls.

Preparing for Finals
Preparing for finals is tedious and frustrating; if you are not prepared well enough, it could become an emotional trainwreck.  

In preparation for finals week, Ogle recommends:
-Utilizing your study guide to its full potential
-Asking the teacher for extra study materials
  -If a study guide is not offered, ask for one
-Studying in proportion to the intensity of the class
-Getting the most out of every review day and study game
-Completing any practice finals

Grinsell expands:
-Cramming can be counterproductive to retaining information.
  -Lessons reviewed at the minute can transform into a confused jumble of knowledge.
  -Sleeping is crucial to improving your score. Don’t sacrifice sleep for cramming.
-Students should wisely use the weekend that divides finals week.


During Finals Week

You’ve made it to the dreadful week and all your finals and Christmas break lay before you. But don’t let your upcoming break distract you from the looming exams.

Ogle suggests:
-Control your nerves; being nervous is the worst thing you can do to yourself.
-Eating before the test can wake you up and will prevent you from being distracted by a                                       

 rumbling stomach.
  -Packing snacks is one of the best ways to fend off your hunger

Grinsell provides study tips:
-Study periods were placed in the schedule for a reason; do not misuse them.

Finals Periods
You’ve made it this far. The final is moments away and 20 percent of your semester grade is dependent on the next 100 minutes. You’ve prepared. You’re ready. But how do you approach the exam?

Grinsell stresses:
-You can always come back to a question; not finishing the tests is not worth a question.


Be on the Lookout For
You have taken every practice test and studied every lesson, but finals week is unpredictable. Be ready for some twists and unexpected surprises.

Ogle warns:
-You cannot use the bathroom or leave the classroom during final periods
-Teachers are not as willing to clarify or answer questions on the exam date. Ask all questions


Grinsell notes:
-Preparing well in advance is the best study strategy, procrastination is dangerous and should

 be avoided.

The Battle of the Pants

The biggest fashion debate among boys in the last couple of years at Center Grove High School is a matter of style: cargo shorts or flat fronts?



“I am a big fan of cargo shorts, all of the extra pockets help me carry all of the materials I need to attack a work day,” senior Jon Duncan said.

Even though cargo shorts have enough pockets for people to carry everything they need, some students think they are out of style.

“Cargo shorts are the aboveground pool of clothing, it disgusts me when people wear them,” senior Ross Williams said.  “Every student needs to change to flat fronts in order to be able to be cool and get [ladies].”

It is not scientifically proven that flat fronts cause you to get more women, but many students in the senior class seem confident that it does.

“Flat fronts have 1/10th the amount of pockets, but you will get 10 times the amount of chicks,” senior Ryan Stemle said.

Some students are taking this debate to new heights. A couple of passionate individuals have even burned shorts of the opposite side.

Senior Dustyn Evans has attended quite a few cargo bonfires.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts

“At a Cargo Embargo we will burn cargo shorts to be able to use them for heat to melt my s’mores because they are so out of style I will never wear them again,” Evans said.

As for girls stance on the fashion debate, many are surprised that guys are arguing about clothes.

“I am surprised that guys care so much, but I do think that flat fronts look much classier, and that guys should make the switch,” junior Emma Lemasters said.  

Not all girls seem to think that the shorts a guy wears matters as long as they treat them with respect.

Senior Lacey Siderewicz said, “I honestly can not tell a difference between the two, because all that matters is what [kind of person they are], and not what they wear.”  

As this debate rolls on it looks like flat fronts are winning the battle, more and more people are switching over from cargos, it will be interesting if cargos can stage a counter attack and win the war on boy’s style.

September 11th, 2015

History was made 14 years ago today. The hearts of the American people were left as

9/11 Memorial in New York, the

9/11 Memorial in New York, the “Tribute in Light.” Photo from

empty as the New York City skyline, and grief hung heavily in the air like the smoke rising from the remnants of the World Trade Center.

  Each detail remains imprinted in the memories of those who were old enough to understand the magnitude of al-Qaida’s failed attack on the Capitol building and the successful demolition of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Americans who were old enough can recall even the most remote facts about their experience.

  “I remember getting home that day and looking up,” history teacher Ryan Spoonmore said. “It was a crystal blue day. Not a cloud in the sky. Absolutely nothing in the sky.”

  Although the event was devastating and took a heavy toll upon Americans, there were aspects of that day which still remain as a source of pride.

  “I was just unbelievably proud of the way the nation handled the situation and how the first responders rushed in without any regard for themselves,” Spoonmore said. “And I was glad we had leaders like President Bush and [New York City Mayor Rudy] Giuliani who handled the event so well for their citizens.”

  Citizens and crisis teams throughout the whole country responded with determined unity. People of all backgrounds came together in a monumental effort to help in any way possible. Through one of the toughest times in American history, they endured.

  “It was an emotional time, ” Spoonmore said. “But after a while everything sort of went back to normal.”

  After mourning the estimated 3,000 victims, the nation was able to move past the tragedy. However, no matter how many years may pass, that day will not be easily forgotten, and the lives that were taken will always be remembered.

   Fourteen years ago, the United States of America became truly united, a fact that still evokes pride within the hearts of its citizens. Although at times the nation may seem divided, when the need arises, Americans will come together to provide each other with the help and support necessary to remain strong through struggle and pain. On this day, September 11, America remembers.