“Guys and Dolls” to Take the Stage Tonight

By Alex Armstrong

Photos by Suellen Swaney


Year after year, CG theatre and Kathleen Kersey produce new and improved plays and musicals, and according to Kersey, this year is a stand out.

“Guys and Dolls” takes place in New York during the mid 1940’s, when gambling and gangs were at their peak. The plot is about a prestigious gambler, Sky Masterson, who falls in love with a church mission leader as the result of a bet. The following ride is entertaining and very comedic, as Sky does a number of things to win his new doll over.

Kersey spoke very highly about her cast and their work ethic, and also greatness of the play itself.


The Cast takes a bow at the end of dress rehearsal


“It’s a fun show to do, and I’m pretty sure everyone is having a good time,” Kersey said.

According to Kersey, this year’s cast is very close knit and the result on stage is already amazing.

When it comes to play production, Kersey is a seasoned veteran. She’s directed over a hundred, by her guess, but something makes this year unique.

“This is the most focused group of students I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve done a lot of them,” Kersey said.

The cast includes Olivia Buck, Taylor Ward, Adrianna Goss and Eli Robinson as the leads and will also feature Jared Norman, Alex Brickens and Nick Pearson.

“Our leads this year are great, they’re doing a good job putting it all together,” said Kersey.

Taylor Ward plays Nathan Detroit, a love-stricken gambler who’s been engaged for 14 years to his lovely Adelaide.

“This has definitely been one of the most devoted casts I’ve ever worked with.. And why should people come see it? Because I’m in it, that’s why,” Ward said.


Taylor Ward and Olivia Buck share a sweet moment as their characters celebrate their fourteenth year of engagement

Olivia Buck plays the leader of the Hot Box and fiancé of Nathan, Miss Adelaide.

“I really love the process and getting to know so many talented people,” Buck said.“I also love seeing everything coming together and finding tings new things to do and seeing everything click.”

Adrianna Goss plays the leader of The Save A Soul Mission, Sara Brown. Miss Brown’s mission is unfortunately failing, yet a lucky roll of the dice changes her luck.


Adrianna Goss and Eli Robinson pose during the finalé of the play

“”It’s been really fun getting to work with everyone in the cast because I get to meet so many awesome people,” Goss said.

Guys and Dolls is one of Kersey’s favorite plays to direct because of the play’s upbeat tempo, the comedy throughout as well as the large appeal of the play.

“I think anybody would love to see the show,” Kersey said with a grin.

Showtimes will be at 7:30 on Friday and Saturday with a Matinee at 2:30 on Sunday

Tickets are available online and at the door- 10$ for center section and 8$ for the outside

Tickets are going fast, reserve your seat today!



The Power of Pep

It’s Friday night at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse.  People cheer, take videos and dance.  Music fills the air.  But there is no announcer, no cheerleaders, no basketball team or court.  This is the concourse area, where the Center Grove Pep Band is having the time of their lives.


On February 26, band director Joseph Lapka took fourteen musicians from the Center Grove Pep Band to perform for an hour at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse before the basketball game between the Indiana Pacers and the Charlotte Hornets.  The Pep Band had never performed at a Pacer’s game before.


“The reason we did it this year, specifically, was because it was in association with the Center Grove Education Foundation Night,” Lapka said.


The night was put on by the Center Grove Education Foundation in an effort to raise money for the scholarships the foundation provides to students. The fourteen students that performed, however, were only a small portion of the Pep Band.


“We’re taking a smaller group so that the logistics are not quite so big of a deal,” Lapka said.


Sophomore Tim Grotzer and Junior Joseph Ward were two of the fourteen musicians in attendance. Their feedback on the night was positive.


“It was a good experience for the Pep Band,” Grotzer said.  “My favorite part was how close the game got towards the end.”


After their performance, the members of the Pep Band were able to watch the Pacers’ game.  The game ended with a win for the Hornets, 96-95 over the Pacers.


The Pep Band was received well by the game attendees, and the musicians are thankful for that.


“The reception we got when we were playing was nice,” Ward said.


Aside from the halftime show by the Pep Band, elementary school students were also selling tickets for the game and were allowed to make free throws at the end of the game. The Center Grove Education Foundation made the Pacers game a “Center Grove Night,” and the Pep Band was the center of it.